Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stop breathing and you are dead.

After having written so much for so long I feel like I am repeating my stories, like a broken record, like a needle stuck in a groove or a train on a railroad track; I am always regurgitating. Have i not told this already? Like the song says, "Like a circle in a wheel within a wheel, Like a snowball on a mountain, never ending nor beginning, like an ever spinning wheel..." cannot remember the title but a song by Jose Feliciano that I used to sing when I was a teenager. But its okay, i am spinning on my own dime and not to anyone else's woven web. What else is there to do but to write my thoughts out for the evening.
The reason I have spun such a long yarn about myself over the years is not simply to puke out my feelings thoughts and imaginations but to also help me keep track of how many times i keep being this same state of mind and how long i would dwell on it and how i move on from it.,,singing, and this too will pass. Soon enough one starts to realize that life is a circle in a spiral, an ever spinning wheel... and there is little that can be done but to observe it with consciousness, not judging or attachment, no likes or dislikes, just being in the moment; from moment to moment. At this age in life had i not understood this, what is the sense in all my of my journey of so called 'self' discovery? Even if i see it for just one moment in time it is worth all the moments in my life long experience.
There is no observer or the observed, a moment ago then i had to make this entry and the moment is gone but the feeling lingers on making it possible for me to make the moment lost worthwhile at the end of the evening, I am sharing it with you. Where are you at, at this moment? Are you aware of your breathing? Are you trying to make sense of what I am saying? If you are, take a slow deep breath and feel what i am feeling, be with me for the moment in time. Touch that which you truly are and become consciousness itself, the Universe in breathing with you, within and without you. Do you feel it? This is the center that you seek, so be with it. Your breath is a circle, a circle within a circle, never ending nor beginning... stop breathing and you are dead.
So, I 'm running in a circle, a Karmic cycle of life, death and rebirth and i am doing it consciously, not all the time, but getting close to most of the time. The second greatest thing God created was woman; the first was life itself. A life that is not well lived is as good as living as a mindless zombie or the un-dead. To live life and not attain self realization is like is a waste of a life time. When you next look in a mirror, ask yourself with big smile, "Who Am I?" "How far or how near ,am I, in being in this state of being, Who I am?, or does it matter, I still got to go to work and take the kids to work and do the laundry. Such Is; Life. Like a swinging door. you breath in, it swings in, you breath out it swings, stop breathing and you are dead. 


oyo said...

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam may be a good reading for you.

Shamsul said...

Thank you for the recommendation. Will look for one.