Thursday, April 28, 2016

Square One-How to Silence the mind.

Despite all the travails that we are being faced with, all the challenges that comes our way for better or worse we still have to trudge along and create our own course towards what we perceive as our goal tobe at the end of the day. Why was i born in the first place? Who puts me here or did I manifest myself into such a reality that i find myself in now or how i evolved into such an entity that is now crawling through this quagmire of what is called life. Do i have a choice to skip out of this game this phenomenon that i find myself in and how/
For years now even as this blogging has testified I have been grappling with the same question and the answer seems to evade my every probe and quest, leaving me with the same routine of living daily having dreams and expectations, loosing hope and surrendering to my egotistical cravings to fill up empty spaces and time. It is still like living in a limbo of not realizing that all is for not as it i all simply an illusion that i have i have manifested as i move along like a sponge absorbing all that I come across and digesting and regurgitating then repeating the process all over again like an earthworm.
However even earthworms has their function in this life and to have evolved from such a state into this human form which in terms of time would take some myriads of life times, has to mean something in the scale of existence. Here again at the expense of repeating myself, i quote the Buddha who is said to have said. "It is in this human form that you can realize 'Liberation from this circle of Life-Death -Rebirth.; don't waste time!" Over time these words soon become mere expressions, an intellectual understanding or spiritual cliche. The mind that has been in control of the whole game is still running in as many directions as it possibly can seeking ways and means to fulfill its sensual gratifications, or egotistical whims and fancies. Here does that leaves the one who truly seeks for answers as to , "Why was i born in the first place?" 
Hence the question remains a question perhaps till my dying day and i will still be groping in the dark wondering why i had been alive in the first place. Then again one of these days i might just wake up and find myself fully liberated already, just waiting to leave this shell that i call a body and move on to higher orders of the universe that is a part of who I am. Thoughts! Words! what do they amount to other than passing phases of trying to justify what i understand and what i am feeling about my own affairs in the scheme of things.Now, Silence , they say is Golden! 
So back to square one, how to silence the mind?

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