Friday, April 22, 2016

The End.- of Death.

Am I obsessed with the thought of 'Death' now that i am included among those that will be facing the experience in the not too distant future. Yes and no. Yes i am and should be as it is the one time one shot experience of all experiences and no, I am not obsessed as it is a very crucial part of my investigation in life of; my self- discovery. Simplistic as it may be this, this life long journey has opened my eyes if not my consciousness into many eventful experiences relatively connected to the issue of 'Death and Dying. Over the years i have witnessed and have been apart of the process in burying my family and friends who had passed away, young and old, due to various causes. There were those who died painfully for a long period of time, like my Brother, Gina, who died of Kidney failure and my brother-in-law Syed who died of throat cancer. Then there were my two nephews who died of motorcycle accidents and one who died of rat-piss poisoning in a matter of three days and the last one i was at the funeral was my nephew who was a drug addict for most of his life. In all I tried to understand whatever there was to understand when death occurs. The psycho emotional effects upon those left behind and the process of burial itself.
Perhaps there is nothing to learn as it is all a part and parcel of being alive as everything the lives will soon die one way or another and sooner or later. As it is, I still maintain that for me to understand death I have have to live life to the very best of my knowledge and ability. I have to taste every ups and downs and wade through the quagmire that lay before me and I have to feel most of all the heartbeat that pervades throughout every living thing in this Universe; I have to feel the Eternal within me. The deathless resides within me and it is this that is making the observations and the conclusions, it is this that is seeking to find the Truth about the Nature of Death without Fear; "Inallilahi Wa'innallilahi Rajiun." From Him I came, to Him I am returned..   

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