Saturday, December 19, 2015

The little things in life.

Two days ago during a heavy rain storm at the Sungai Pinang Food Court the makeshift canvas awning accumulated allot of water and sagged threatening to topple over my Daughter's burger stand. The Chinese guy trying to prop it up is the CDs seller who happens to be taking shelter from the storm. Where is the Safety Standards on this?

It was chaos not to mention a dangerous episode as everyone were yelling and screaming but not doing much else.  The management was not around although the men who were supposed to be working for them stood at a distance watching and later claiming this and that. The guy who was supposed to be the maintenance men appeared only after most of the chaos had been settled down and the rain lessen like he appeared out of nowhere solving the problem.
Last night i said good bye to my trusty friend the Kancil. Picture taken with wheel of 'karma lighten up in the background where the fair ground is. Someone according Huat has offered to buy the car. I drove this little car 10 times back and forth from Georgetown, Penang to Kuala Terengganu on the East Coast to visit my family. I received from Huat my mechanic friend RM300 and RM250 went to my daughter who needs about that amount to pay for her medical check up s well as uniform for her sewing class at Giat MARA. It all worked out leaving me with RM50 to play with.

My friend Ah Huat upgrading my new set of wheels that he insist i should be driving at my age as it is fully automatic. You do not have to worry about the air conditioner not working, he laughed. The car is his 'Gift' for me like payable when able and so forth. I am indebted to this simple man who treats me like his own father. I have in the past often called myself the 'Elegant Beggar' and now I am living it. Between Huat and my friend Lee Khai, I am okay. It actually is more than just them giving me it is more like a give and take situation and money just happens when I am really in need; yes a beggar i still am.

All looks good! The words on the side of the van in the background says 'Tour Bus' and that is what i am driving now; a tour bus.

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