Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Revisiting the Organic Farm. at Lintang.

The road less traveled; the trip back into the wild side.
How i miss this scene and every time i behold this i am reminded of my need for silence and tranquility.

The organically grown rice  is slowly becoming a reality.

My daughter having her first taste of drinking tea in a bamboo cup.

Good friends welcomes you even when you have been away for so long. 

Of the the simple beauty in nature.

This tiy bied is a major concern for the farm as when they flock in hordes, they are a threat to the Padi . As killing them is out of the question to the Muslims ways and means are device to deter their feasting. 

And the younger generation keeps on coming to learn the ways of the organic farming.

Perhaps the future farmers even if they on't look it now.

Upgrading the facility with the traditional  ways.

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