Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Join Us in returning to the Wild and the Organic.

Organically grown rice and hopefully it will become the norm all over the country. Returning to organic farming is one form of a healing process that is needed to bring back sanity to the world as we have been consuming too much chemically processed and grown food that we have become zombies and drug addicts.

How we have abused the land through our ignorance in the use of chemicals and pesticides, but through awareness and commitment we will heal this land to its natural state again. We can still reverse the effects of chemicals in the environment  by returning the land tow what nature had planned for it.

The insects that provides us the  healing properties of honey and must be propagated and cared for instead of wiped out through our need to attain good harvest through the use of chemical herbicides. We will keep on looking for ways and means to draw these so called pests from the crops by natural means instead of eradicating them through the use of poisonous chemicals.

Children will stop asking for lap tops and Ipads when they find better hands on activities through nature. By providing an environment that is close to nature children can be made aware of their heritage and their responsibilities towards the environment.

Knowledge of the wild and what it has to offer for our benefit health wise and sources of food has to be handed down through our  younger generations so that they can continue to preserved the natural heritage that nature has to offer.By bringing together their technical knowledge and understanding the students can be made to become conscious of their roles in the modern society with regards to how to work with nature.

At SRI LOVELY  or the Lintang Valley organic farm in the Belantik, Sik area in Kedah offers a retreat as well as a refuge for those who seek to return agriculture back to its natural ways while benefiting man. Join us in this quest to bring consciousness back to the call of the wild and organic.

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