Saturday, March 21, 2015

What the Forest had to tell.

A Homage to those who stood above the rest and lasted the beat of weather and time.

The 'Mighty Tualang tree' home to the wild bees whose honey is most sought after by the locals and fetch high prices in the market.

Nature has her own designs if only you take the time and consciousness to experience it.

Leaving whatever is deemed as civilization behind me I ventured up the river into the unknown.

The Tualang tree, notice the makeshift ladder built for the men to scale the tree in order to get at the bee hives.

As an artist i am always fascinated by the spread of branches in the trees and they reminds me of the coral fans under the sea.

This is the epitome of what is impermanence of life, that nothing last forever not even the mightiest of them all.

Notice how everything is laid out in order from those that grew the longest in time to those that are just now beginning to grow in the foreground. Animals from as large as elephants and tigers to the smallest of bucks and wild pigs comes for their drink on this small patch of ground leaving behind telltale footprints for those with interest to study.

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