Tuesday, February 05, 2019

We crap on the same plate we eat.

As a Muslim I am sad to say that my faith has been shaken like it has been hit by , a tornado and I am sent reeling out into outer space wondering if there is of there is not a God or if I am lost as I have always been in a state of limbo in ignorance. I feel elated sometimes when i pray silently sitting on my pillows in the wee early morning hours, I even feel the Divine in me touching my being, but when my thoughts take a flight over the whole earthly scenario of what is going on in my life as well as the world as a whole, I feel hopeless. I feel like the God that I have laid my faith inot has abandoned humanity if not me personally; I feel like my being here is just to witness the life of humanity's pain and suffering, the Planet's decadence and demise of life of species becoming extinct one after another. There is none to blame and how can I blame my Maker, afterall He has given Man free will, to choose his own fate.

Islam, from my personal observation is a religion of the afterlife, it seems life on this earth and time is but a passing phase, a borrowed time to be utilized to prepare man in the afterlife; the eternal. This to me is fine and dandy for so long as the Earth does not suffer from any consequences of this transitional or 'transit ;lounge' mentality that has little or no care for the temporary space that the traveller occupies, leaving it worse than when they first arrived. It is like a park after being used by a beer guzzling party of college kids. As much as Muslims would deny it, the fate of the environment, the very future of this Planet is of very little concern to them knowingly or otherwise; it is after all a transit lounge. "Dunia ini hak mereka, Akhirat kita punya." a common Malay Muslim saying meaning, this world is theirs, ours is the afterlife. 'Dunia ini hanya sementara, Akhirat, selamanya.", this life is temporary, the hereafter is eternal.

Most religions, like Islam considers heaven out there somewhere where one ends up in the afterlife if one is deserving. Having lived life in the here and now accordingly to the dictates of one's faith, one is rewarded with a resting place far removed from the like of this Earth.Hence my point is that the care for this earth and its well being is never and will never be of paramount importance to those who live for the afterlife; it is not their fault however. I have grown up among people who have a disdain if not nonchalant view of the fate of the environment, just like the beer guzzlers in the park. For these people there will always be someone else who will do the cleaning up after them. In Islam it is said that cleanliness is next to Godliness, but from my personal experience this si far from the truth when it comes to practice. It is not a matter of being lazy as such but  it has become a mental state after hundreds of years of believing in the same principle or dogma without deeper understanding of the ramifications that it entails. 

Islam also is said to have declared that mankind were created to become the vicegerent or caretakers of this Planet in charge of the whole solar system as well as the unseen; if so man has failed miserably. Instead of being the caretaker and caregiver, man has become a self server and ultimately the destroyer of that which he is charged to care for simply because he has lost his sense of priorities and misunderstood his  appointed calling to being here.  as mandated by his Maker   Why he is here to the religious is to live for the the afterlife, to live life so that when he dies he will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, regardless if he had left behind a mess of a Planet going out of control from neglect and wanton disregard for check and balance. Instead of being the cure and care giver man has become the very cancerous virus that is slowly but surely destroying his own habitat; his home.  


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