Saturday, September 09, 2017

My taste of Music.

Listening to Metallica S&M 1999 Full Concert on You Tube while making this entry with no subject matter in mind, only to share the moment in time and space with you who read this; I Love You. I hope this does not sound too corny, but I need to say it out loud at least for once how i feel about those who have been with me throughout this Blog from the beginning till now. I am too presumptuous or perhaps assuming that i do have a following of readers who frequent my Blog and is by now quite familiar as to who I am, or who i am trying to figure out for sure as to my true nature...yada! ...yada! One way to wrap up another eventful day.
Now switch over to Hans Zimmer 'Aurora' a drastic change in rhythm and vibes, from a hectic climactic wind down of the opening piece of Metallica to the awesome slow full blown orchestral meditational piece of Gregorian Chanting alongside angels' voices. It is said that music touches the soul and this souls is often touched whenever I listen to these master pieces played by the likes of Anoushka Shankar,Vangelis or Enigma, Kitaro and Pink Floyd or to Bob Dylan, and Arlo Guthrie, to Willy Nelson or Lionel Richie; most music moves my soul whether I know it or not. The theme from the 'Gladiator' by Hans Zimmer moves me to tears as 'The Last of the Mohicans', my all time favorite, does. I used to enjoy the classical like Chopin and Ravel, Stravinsky and Horowitz when I was in my college years living in Green Bay, Wisconsin. During the winter months when the whole farm house with its two leaning wooden silos all covered with snow outside, my Land Lord, Mr. Leon P. Lodl would lay in the bean bags facing facing the fireplace wine glasses in our hands we listen to classical music till the fire dies out, On some evenings it would be Jazz with the likes of Grover Washington and Hubert Laws, or George Benson or Bob James. these were our mutual collections during the late seventies and early eighties. Yes, music sooth the soul and warms your heart especially in the cold Wisconsin Winter nights.
I used to paint or sketch listening to Ravel's "Bolero" and there were times when my hand would take off on its own as it follows the  gradual crescendo of the tune building to its climax. The old farm house located on Humboldt Road was perhaps more than 100 years old being alone in it, was an experience in itself as the piles of snow all around it acted as a acoustic box and so the music bounces off the walls of ancient planks. Yes, I learn the value of being enrapt in the sound of awesome music as it was all that kept my mind from freaking out with 'cabin fever'  and or homesickness. The sound of good music became my comfort as the whole house seems to vibrate with it pulsating with live energy. The wine and the ganaja might have allot to do with the feelings too but it was what fed me emotionally and made me rich with the taste for good music. Now listening to Leo Rojas playing El Condor Pasa' a song that i grew up with and sang every so often in crowds or at a karaoke joint; it takes me on a journey of years gone by.
Music is the food of my soul when i am sad and lonely, when i am joyful and feeling great, music carries these feelings into the next level of consciousness; it changes my perceptions of reality at times and or take me on to next plane of consciousness; my corner of creativity. Life becomes a dance and the music of the Universal Mind vibrates from directions and a whole variety of forms and styles. Who was your favorite singer during the sixties? Cat Stevens, Jose Feliciano, The Beatles! or Joan Baez! Peter paul and Marry,; all the of the above and more.  The earlier Bee gees songs were also my choice and the likes of Paul Anka and Neil Diamond, Tom Jones and Johnny Cash, these were among my favorites in the sixties. OH! The mind can take me all the way back into my musical taste if allowed to. I will let the rest surface in my future entries or I will run out of things to ramble about.  

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