Sunday, September 10, 2017

My God! Am I Dead

In the Muslim tradition the body of the deceased is laid to rest as soon as possible without unnecessary delays like is some cases waiting for a son or daughter to arrive from Moscow or Luxembourg or Beijing, China to have their last viewing. The body is prepared and put on display just  the face showing for friends and relatives to view and on the same day after the hour of prayer, be it, Zohor in the afternoon or Asar in the evening, the boy of the deceased is take to the mosque closest to the cemetery whee it is given its last prayer by the community of men. Next off to the hole in the graveyard dug and ready to receive the empty shell that was once you and me . in the ground where layers upon layers of bodies has occupied the very same hole in the past, is buried after being shared the last rites. Islam discourages the Muslims from keeping the dead human form overnight or more than the circle of the sun, mostly for health reasons.
The hole in the ground is reasonably deep depending upon the location and the status of the ground and the coffin is laid with the head pointing in the direction of the Kaabah or the East. The coffin is constructed from the most softest and cheapest wood possible so the the body is exposed to the earth as much as possible.  After the grave is wrapped up and made presentable the 'Talkin' is recited by someone with religious authority to instruct the dead of what lay in store for them next. Two angels will appear and place the questions of faith to he dead and the first being ",who is the Lord thy God?" A faithful true to his human voluntary reaction to such a situation would be an automattic, "Allahu Akhbar!" not for the same reason but the answer comes from years of saying it especially as an expression of taking a refuge in Allah from fear. ome Muslims would blurt out SubhanAllah or God is Pure, or Masha'Allah! all these exclamations made in the life times as a Muslim becomes the answer to this first question. Allah Loves all those who does not forget Him at all times. Better or worse, good or bad. This proclamation announces your standing, your Dharma Position of who you are; this is my faith, I am tihs! AllahuAkhbar is my Lord.
He is the Lord of Creation and He is the lord of Power and when He desires something done all He says is Be, and It is.
 I take my refuge in Allah subhanauWata'ala -Lord of the Universe. I serve my Lord even in the worse of my times as a human being and I serve Him every for every breath i take. Even if my conscious mind forgets, my subconscious mind will always remind me every now and then of who I am and who I serve. My last experience of a mild stroke was my last waking up call from within me to be mindful of my practice in life.
And the angel will ask you who is you Prophet, whose Umah are you? Allahumma soli ala Muhammad wa'ala Ali Muhammad! This is another expression every Muslim even if he does not perform the Solat daily would utter again in times of need. The grace of Allah be upon Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah and may the grace of Allah be shed upon his followers. Muslims do this when they wash their bodies, bless a child or simply shaking the hands of another, while talking to a crowd, this profess is as natural as an involuntary expression, But not every Muslim will be able to even remember this in his fear and confused state of mind just upon dying, and so like faith and religion, it is a very personal experience and each person will have to deal it in the best of possible ways to be at least conscious of being alive or being dead; we live as if in between, neither alive nor dead. We exist blind like ghosts sleep walking  and scrounging daily to survive; we crave for the impermanence and neglect the eternal; our Divine Nature, or as in Buddhism, our Original Buddha Nature. We assume we are small and insignificant, whereas in us is the House of The Lord; is HE home?
Throughout human history, God has provided man with some form of guidance in the form Prophets, Saints and Sages, Yogis, Gurus, wise men, Philosophers and Poets, Scientists and Leaders in order that man will maintain some form of civility, the respect and honor of one another. Man is given the faculty to discern and to make wise choices that he may flourish on this planet in Peace and Harmony. Unfortunately somewhere along the path mankind has forgotten this and decides that he has free will and with this he can choose to create his own story often embellished with his sense of achievements and self aggrandizement; I am God!
God, E-God, Ego and thus man becomes more and more forgetful and arrogant towards his fellow creatures, even should I say most of all to his environment. Man has become a parasite, or a cancerous entity to this planet and the sooner we admit it to ourselves the better the chances of making a healing process to work. One of the practices of Zazen or sitting meditation is watch what arises in our minds as we sit and focused on our breath. We are addicted to our thoughts and we have never ending dramas and episodes to think about in the path of a day or even and hour, our mind is a dynamo that never stops. After a while of watching one finds the mind subsiding into quietness effortlessly, we watch what arises when it is all said and done. Is there a God? Will i be judged for all that I have committed in my life? Oh! My God! am I dead yet?

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