Monday, September 11, 2017

Life Sahring is not a myth.

We are here together, gathered in a collective spirit in order to learn and and to share.

There is a hidden beauty all each and everyone of us and it shows in our smil; smile more often.

If there is anything worth saving it is the family, your immediate family may not be the one you save as the Universe is your family.

Even for the brief moment like the shutter speed of the camera, as brief as lightning, one catches a  glimpse of the Divine in all of us. 

Our path may never cross again in this life  after this meal, but I would like you to know that  you will always be in my heart, Spaniard!

He is on the way to becoming a shaman.

Expressing  who I am through Art.

What is Unconditional Love? The  Christ Love..

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