Sunday, September 10, 2017

In the name of Christ -do something, anything

Now to share what is even closer to my heart causing a great pain in my soul, it is a subject that I have avoided thus far as it hurts deep and I am afraid i might loose my balance and pass partial judgments. The inhuman acts going on in Myanmar, a predominantly Buddhist state is as black a mark in our history as ever happened before.It is sad and it is beyond an imagination of how low we as humans has stooped to. We again are proving how inhuman and animal like our nature is in the course of our existence. The Rohingya plight is the plight of humanity, just as the Palestinians and the Syrians and so forth. I am ashamed to be included among the human race, the so called civilized and God fearing specie. The Third World War is in the making and human trafficking is part of survival, how much lower can we stoop.
The Pope made a special plea in His speech to the Catholic world on behalf of the Rohingya, but what is Christian stand on this? What can the Christian all over the world do about making it right instead of making speeches and looking for blames and protocols, The United Nations is again playing the lame duck not willing to exert its powers due to the influences of the Powers that be. So, my question is where is the Love of Christ when Humanity needs it most? It is in your hands, you who claims to be His followers, you the Christians. This is a global conflict, a conflict of Human Conscience, a conflict that will go down in history in infamy.
It breaks my heart whenever i see riots and images of war and starvation all over the globe, but what hurts me most is the fact that they are results of human-Greed-Hate and Ignorance.
The Asean nations are too wrapped up in their own internal political conflicts that they cannot come to address this issue at length. 
If the Christian world would stand up and deliver a collective message to the people of Myanmar and the ruling party, it might be listened to. Christians can play the needed neutral party to be involve, to pursuade any further slaughtering of the innocents. This is when the Vatican could lead by example in brokering a peace treaty or at the very least bring the carnage to a halt. The Military regime in Miyanmar will be reluctant to accept visits from the leaders on the Christian faith. Look for yourselves and ask where is my Lord? Why have You allowed for this to happen? What can i do to help You? O'Christ, Thou art in Heaven shed upon us Your Divine Compassion, Your Saving Grace, bring some sanity back to this holocaust. This is as good as anytime to pull strings and spread the wealth that the Church has amassed all over the Christendom, now is the time to look deep within each and every Christian Hearts and ask, what would Christ have me do?
Minyamar should be turned into a pilgrimage visit to an unholy site for all God fearing Christians worthy of their salt to embark upon, become a witness up front not from the distance on your TV sets.
One cannot ask the dalai lama to make a special trip to appeal to the Buddhist there as it would be a conflict of interest; is it?  H.H. The Dalai could go there and communicate with  His fellow Nobel Prize Award winner, Aung San Suk Yi to let it be known where he stands as a world Buddhist Leader. We cannot hope for United States or Britain or other European Nations to be involved as it would upset the the other guys like China and Russia, but even if they can they will be stupid to. 
One of the possible long shot way is to rally all Christians from all over the world, rich or poor and in one voice and action declare, "Enough is Enough!" This is what would be expected of the followers of Christ in His absence. From the Pope on down, from the great cathedrals and differing Christian sects, in one voice , ' go on the mountain and shout it out...'Let my People Go! I would have called upon the Jews but it would not work for obvious reasons even if they are among the most powerful nation today; the jews have their own karmic consequences to work out. I cannot call upon the muslim nations like Saudi Arabia or the Emirates or Indonesia to take the lead as these nations are under the axis of the super powers. So who can we call upon? Only Turkey shows any will of power in seeing to it that this mass murder does not continue, but far will Turkey  can or is willing to go?
In the meantime the Rohingyas are being hunted  worse than dogs and the Military and Buddhist are becoming more and more obsessed with slaughter like what the Pol Pot regime did in Cambodia. How the monks, bhikkhus and bhikkhunis could justify wearing the Buddha's Robes 
Enough said, lest I become overly judgemental and start taking sides and only add on to the mess. I am not well verse in the political arena that has deeper causes behind the scene, but i do feel that I have to voice my thoughts and feelings with the hope that it will fall on compassionate ears especially my fellow Christians all over the world; Do what you can in the name of Christ. You are not only saving the Rohingyas lives but also save the sanctity Christianity itself. Do not look upon this mission as an expectation for a conversion to Christianity but as a selfless Christian act in line with Christ Consciousness. Inundate the country with tourists and travellers making the country their destination our of curiousity. As tourists learn what you see and come to your own conclusion on how help can be offered to ease the tension. Become silent observers spending your wealth on a vacation, let your money do the talking without being too obvious. Talk of no politics but of how life is or has been for the people. Share yourselves and become acquainted with the whole situation and then return home and make your efforts in neutralizing the volatility of the situation.


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