Saturday, September 09, 2017

Look to the Light within you to illuminate the Universe..

If you are afraid to live life, you surely are afraid of death, to truly live life is to die every minute of the day with every breath taken; knowing the next might never come. Life is the way to death and dying just as death and dying is the process of living. Fearless as a lion, still you die, smart as a roadrunner you still die, pious as a hermit still you die; so long as you breath you die. In the practice of meditation, one of the techniques of stopping you mind's activities is to hold your breath. Like a pause button and you will find that the mind is brought to a halt.It is the surest way of reminding the mind of death, it goes on a safety mode, no more thoughts of random chaos and meaningless dramas, no more guilt trips and lustful cravings, no more false flags and mental exploitations, no more slave to the senses; the mind become more subdued and quiet.
What brought this subject about? It came up in the course of the day trying to justify existence while riding back up in the elevator I chanced upon a young Indian gentleman a Mr. Mahadevan who lives on the 4th. floor of this building. I asked him how long he had lived here and he said seven years. How does he like it, it is peaceful and quiet but it can also be lonely as you have no one to talk to. I invited him to my place at any time and he insisted i go visit him too. Perhaps begins a new relationship... together we stand, divided we fall.
   Wherever you are, from wherever I am, I wish you many happy returns and may the Divine Light of the Buddha's Wisdom and Compassion shine upon you and may your life as fruitful and in abundance InSha'Allah. .
Shine on you crazy diamond and awaken to the light of consciousness within you. you are the cause of Creation, you were created in the Image of the One, the Formless, the Source of Power, why do you still not claim you true nature, you are Buddha Nature, you were created the very elements that holds together the forms in this Universe.' The Temple of the Living God is within you,' you are the custodian of His Essence hidden in you. The Divine spark on loan to you for as long as it is kept alight and not blackened by corruption.   
Am I still making sense? I hope so. For my sake and for the sake of all those who seek the truth in this life, who is aware of their origin 
and walking towards enlightenment and liberation of the Spirit from the impermanence f this realm. I look to the infinite possibilities out there from within me as I am aware of being awaken from the sleep myself. I am still anchored to the floor, I am still wavering here to there not sure of myself at times and slip sliding away  as I tread on thin ice; I am still in the grips of delusions; but I have faith in who I am. 
Here is where i feel i have exhausted myself and my mind, there is not much more to say but, "The heart is a lonely hunter."   

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