Thursday, August 03, 2017

Pulau Jerejak - 2

The Catamaran at sunrise - 2005 -2006

To get to the Jerejak Island one has to take a short ferry ride or what used to be a catamaran, perhaps still is in use. My job was to make sure everyone bought a ticket and board the ferry to and fro. I was also responsible for making sure that daily run of the terminal runs smoothly and kept in pristine state pleasing to look at upon approach. In essence it was what to most would b boring job of sitting around for things to happen and so i decided as i always do; to make things happen. I took over the maintenance of the surrounding yard and personally tended to the garden. I used to collect all the flotsam that washed up along the beach making it my practice as soon as i arrived for work, which actually was one or two hours earlier than the normal working hours. This i did primarily because I enjoyed my morning walks in the dark towards the terminal through undeveloped landscape of bushes and hardly visible paths. it was my intention to meditate and chant as i walked toward the terminal before the sunrise and walk to the very end of the jetty and sit on top of the tie-up pillars of the ferry and waited for the sunrise.
Distant view of the Jerejak Island from the ferry terminal.

I have witnessed the shift of the sun rising from one end of the horizon practically to the other over the long period of time doing this and I sat listening to the water splashing against the pillars of the pier below me. Located what is known as Batu Uban, the terminal was considered to be located in an area of high spiritual activities especially being directly opposite to the Island. my walks and sitting was aimed at highlighting my 'my fear factor'. Fear of the dark and fear of the unseen in the dark. Through this practice i became more and more aware of my surrounding and how to affect it in the most positive ways. Hundreds of visitors passed through the terminal every day when i was running the place as i saw an opportunity and utilized it making not only good money but also helping to introduce the resort to the rest of the country.
The terminal office structure at Batu Udan in Penang.. 2005

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