Tuesday, August 01, 2017

HaFishing - 10

What kind of fish is a Halibut?
Upon asking my daughter this question she said it a cross between a Helicopter and a boat said with a British accent; .a Heli-bot fish. She actually has no idea what kind of fish it and neither does most people I talked to on the subject.
Halibuts are bottom feeding flatfish usually found in cold waters and are capable of growing to over seven feet to eight in length and can weigh up to 500 pounds. among the largest caught in the Aleutian waters and according to You Tube, weigh more than 400lbs. Maybe there re larger ones caught that I am not aware of but I am pretty sure that the figures i am assuming are not too far off the fact. In appearance they are not the best looking fish to look at,they are odd looking fish as their eyes are located on the same side  like at the top of the head. The body is green at the top portion and pure white at the bottom and they swim not like a normal fish but more or less horizontally with a motion lik e a mermaid or a diver with a pair of large flippers with both feet a pushing at the same time. For facts on this fish just Google it.
The largest fish that was brought aboard the iceland measured 7' 6" in length and weighed 450lbs dubbed by the Skipper as 'Big Bertha'
which was caught in the middle of the night. As she was raised to the surface of the ocean she looked like a sea monster rising from the deep. I was a strange thing that such big fish rarely if not ever put up a fight being pulled to the surface, it was as though they were stunned or in shock. Once on board in five minutes they start to like wake up and flip flop on the deck and we were told to stroke their bellies to quiet them down. The average size that were caught mostly weighed somewhere between 80 to 120 pounds and it was, perhaps still is against the law to catch anything less than 32inches. Hence these small fishes caught ends up immediately into the frying pan to avoid being arrested having them on board.


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