Sunday, July 30, 2017

What you do when you can't sleep.

Since I have problem of sleeping this morning after i had finished making my last entry which ended at 3am, I sat in meditation on my bed until the 'azan' or call to prayer came out loud from the State Mosque not too far from my apartment. I have been having nasty headaches lately possibly from my high blood pressure and the heat. So sitting helps me to attain some form of control over these physical discomforts, like managing my breathing and sending messages to my brain cells to behave accordingly if they wish to continue on existing in this form. I also try to affect a good balance within and without of the five elements so that not one over excel the others, like too much heat or too much water or too much earth . or too much wind, (which I discover is becoming the major issue lately). Then there is the never ending problem of too much thinking, the excessive amount of informations, mostly useless and unrelated, that passes through my mind like there is no end to it; meditation helps to bring this problem to a manageable level; insanity is not an option.
I also decided to drink me half a glass of milk and dunked a piece of chocolate cookie with it as part of the reason i am having problem falling asleep is because I am hungry. So far,as I am writing it helps. The migraine is receding and the mind is wide awake. Three days agao I had landed myself on the hospital bed with a very severe case of food poisoning or an allergic reaction to too many bad combinations of intakes which included two large slices of 'Durian', a glass of Guinness Stout, an anti acid medication called Gaviscon and some other that i lost track of. My stomach was like a cauldron burning sweat out of the body at an alarming rate and the pain was excruciating until I almost blacked out in the toilet after attempting to puke it all out. This all happened at about four in the morning and went on till I could not take it anymore and called my friend Ah Huat to take me to the hospital. Together with my daughter I went to the emergency ward driven by Ah Boon, one of Ah Huat's men.
Why I had called Ah Huat was because I know he would have no qualms about making sure that i would get to the hospital with no prejudgment like any one of my relatives would had i called them. Perhaps it is my bad that i had judged them even before i tried, but I trust my own instinct from long time of experience and understanding; I am a watcher of human behavior and personalities, I have made it my practice out of habit. I may not be right all the time  but close enough. My fear was that i was having a heart attack at the time it happened but it took too long and so I had no choice but to go to the hospital, which happens to be a walking distance from where i am except you have to cross a four lane traffic which you do not make a habit of in Penang.
I was laid out with drips and injections and later in the evening released with some medication. What surprised me was that it was all free including the medications. Taking a taxi home cost more than anything else throughout the day. Such is life and it is most probably the same all over the world happening everyone at one time or another till the 'big one' hits and; the end. 
Morning has broken outside my window with the view of the State Mosque minaret and fancy roof . The haze is still very much alive..


Anonymous said...

Im happy to hear u r ok. Dont forget to drink Pu Erh Tea,a lot of benefits for health, u can ask ah huat, he might know abt the tea.

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