Sunday, July 09, 2017

Space and Time

To allow for some space for the other to co-exist along with you in peace and harmony is -Compassion. In any form of great teachings of religions or philosophy,by any standard of Paganistic or primordial tribal worship , Compassion is the core belief that humanity was created out of Compassion; the Creator out of Compassion allows 'Himself' to be. Space is common to all and yet each and everyone of us cling to our own individual 'space', and heavens forbid if another invades that space! To be able to share in peace and harmony a common space in this Universe is as much a Miracle as the creation of space itself.
Our common space int the external world is infinite in size and it also the same tight corner of our anxious minds; we are often lost in space! Last night I witnessed the most awesome display of fireworks in as long as i can remember, the last one being while living in Sendai, Japan, and sitting along the Ohashi River in Sendai, my family and I along with the Sendai folks we watched the Hanabi being fired off over the local park. Last night it was at the fisherman jetty off the Jelutong Highway. It was an open house festivity organized by the local Malay Fishermen from around the area. Watching, my only regret was that I had forgotten my Sony Digital Camera! Damn! I swore to myself as I watched the explosive display of light and colors being filtered through the dark forms of branches and leaves! I caught myself from drifting away from my attention and began to feel the impact of this display from within me; I felt the explosions of new stars and planets from my heart! This happened three times from three different locations and angles and my vision was just as mesmerised; I felt at peace.
I chatted with one or two individuals about my experience and one of them told me, If you had your camera, you will not be sitting here chatting about it with me." Yes, and among other things i came to realize, like I would not be telling my trip to the Organic Farm and why I think they shoul visit the place themselves; its a place of healing...bla..bla. Had I been carrying the camera i would have missed whole lot or personal contacts and miss the larger picture; would I? How we share space and even time is what keeps us alive in a more productive and if not creative spirit. When I travelled in the past I had invaded vast number of spaces, physically  as well as spiritually and in my experience I am the master of my space and the environment around me and while in the company of others I share this space for the benefit of all. I stand below nor above those around me and honor their manifestations into my space like guests visiting; not an intrusion. I create a common space of mutual honor and respect accordingly as those worthy of my respect due to age and wisdom and those i need to communicate at a level where both parties are able to grasp. I teach and learn at the same time every time i tell my story or listen to the other. This is the common space we allow for the other to coexist resulting is a higher understanding of it is all about at the end of the day. In the space and time you tell your story and listen to the other's and through telling we observe ourselves and how much truth is in our stories. This is not different from purifying yourself through cleaning up your story, for the story you tell is in that space and time is who you are. A perfect story can only manifest out of a perfect man and very few has lived to tell it. 
I am telling my own story of space and time and how i occupy them. I share my past and present and future in this Blog just like it is my daily routine of keeping a diary to remind myself of who I am and where i am at and where I am headed for. Along with this practise I keep my mind busy by my insatiable thirst for knowledge and skepticism. I like to tear through all the veils that hides the truth or reality of the matter; I scrutinize my life until I find the truth of the matter of each and every phenomenon, each thought and ideas, imaginations and visions I have had am having and will ever have. This is also my practice daily as i sit in Zazen of the Soto Zen tradition of meditation and contemplation. All that had transpired during the whole day becomes analyzed with scrutiny until there is no more doubt on the matter and the phenomenon is laid to rest. This is how I unwind and empty my mind of the day's activities and although not all could be resolved or clarified, you will sleep better. Upon waking up I do the same about my sleeping state in dealing with my dreams if there were any to be dealt with. I do not try to unravel their meanings but i try to see if they were negative or positive in nature and why.

"To be able to provide a tiny space in your heart for somone else to exist, this is Compassion!" - David Lueck of Zen Center, at Green Gulch, Green Dragon Zen Community. excuse for forgetting the Sony Digital Camera....... 

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