Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sit back and enjoy.

All along I have been monitoring the Stats of my blog and from it I learned many interesting facts like who reads what from different parts of the globe. The Eastern countries including the Soviet Union even in European countries, most seems to like reading religious or spirituality related entries while The United States primarily likes to read ramblings of my daily experiences. My thoughts and prejudices, my moaning and groaning about life and how to live like I am some kind of a Guru blogger. No sirree ...I am not nor do I claim to be. Suffice to say I enjoy writing and by putting my present thoughts in writing makes more sense to me that to watch some old Western movie with Audie Murphy in it, ( not a bad option I like Audie Murphy, grew up on his movies like "To Hell and Back." my all time favorite War movie, or Gun Smoke.)
Yes the human mind is very entertaining to watch as anything goes and all you have to is think a thought.
There is a Zen Koan from The Blue Cliff Records, that goes...
"A line is cast in the rapids and the greedy is caught,
As soon as your mouth is open,
Your life is lost!"  
You may attain Satori or even enlightenment if you can fully realize the meaning of these lines. 
I realized from observing the readings and graph of my Blog statistics which to date has almost approached half a million hits, that people do read my blog and so over the years it has become my practice to make sure i impart my experiences as professionally and honestly as i could. I earn not a sing cent from Google or any other sources that has frequently advertised at this link, I am not obligated to anyone but my self in how or what I write; it is for own personal entertainment and not to sound too deep, self healing. The only way for me to unload my mind is through expressing every thought and ideas, every circumstances and events, all my hopes and dreams,my knowledge and intelligence, my ignorance and blind foolishness; I am self exposing.
So, if you are reading this entry you know that what is shared here is a small piece of the human mind from the view of an entity that claims to be, 'The Observer'. Who is writing down these words? Who is now aware of asking this question? Now who is feeling like it is a futile and a boring effort to continue on writing these observations. Who am I? I am watching my own mind doing its thing when I make an entry for the day, it is to entertain myself like an addict. At present I am sharing of my life experiences attempting to become a  commercial fisherman in the Bering Sea off the Pacific Northwest from Anchorage, Alaska. Would you like to listen to some 'fish tales?' In every entry I make I try to analyze a piece of my mental formations, a thought or and an idea that about what happened in the past twelve hours of my life. Making sense out of non-sense, making excuses and justifications over things I could have, should have or would have in the past knowing fully well as Lao Tzu pointed out.
"A man who justifies does not convince,
 Not even to himself."
But the mind needs to go on just as life does, so sit back and enjoy the show! It is free and can be entertaining.    

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