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Halibut fishing -1

The Aleutian Blues

Looking at the Horizon from the deck of the  fishing vessel ICELAND.
This journey is dedicated to two lovely ladies in my life at the time. Upon graduation from the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay in 1982 I was stuck with what to do with myself. Living on my  after being divorced and not having much luck at keeping my relationship with the ladies, I had to make a  drastic change of one kind or another. Change came in the form of a one way ticket to Alaska.

Wisdom is a double edged blade that cuts with the Intellect on one side and Faith on the other.
I have often had these  lines quoted in my mind every so often and when it moves me i jot them down to remind myself of the moment and  passion that kept driving me towards my fulfilling my journey. Sometimes i cannot say if these lines were my own or a quot from some great guy in the past; this i am sure was my own two cents worth. I have over fifty journals dated from  1978 when i first started keeping this ongoing sketchbook/journal; these ; these I consider to be my artistic expression worth mentioning about.

On Anchorage's shortest day of the year there are 5 hours and 28 minutes of Daylight - and on the longest day, 19 hours and 23 minutes - taken from an Anchorage, Ak Phone Book.
The journey happened when i met an excellent photographer by the name of Rob Sergei at the Belin Hospital Gallery in downtown Green Bay, Wisn. Rob and I had been invited to hold a two man show of our works, Rob had some of the most fantastic pictures taken from his annual commercial trip to the Aleutian Ilses. The pictures triggered my creative adrenalin and I pestered Rob to take me with him on his next trip, Against all odds he agreed to do so if i could come up with the money to pay for the fares which included two flights, one from Seattle, Washinto and the other from Anchorage, Ak. to Sand Point, Ak; latter I found out that I was short of 87USD when arrived in Anchorage and had to borrow from Rob.

I had taken along with me two books to help me spend my free time along the trip., one was Called  " The Death of Gurdjieff in the Foothills of Georgia," and the other was called, " Raja Yoga". I worte this page from the book while enroute ion Highway 12 in Billings, Montana.
We left Green Bay on the First of May and as soon as we left the city of Green Bay we made a stop at a small town called Little Suamico, where Rob had some friends and who were in the process of putting pine seedlings into the ground as a part of a community project for conservation; i wonder how the 500 or so seedlings are doing today.
" Tell me your Present and I will reveal your future." A quote by Kyroot, whoever he wes was written at the bottom of the page.

"I Am the Outhouse"
A short reflection of time and space while waiting for things to happen in Teanaway Valley, in the State of Washinton.
 dated 5-4-82.
Donald Bark was a sea captain who lived in Teanaway Valley, Cle Elum, ' Washington State; he was the 'Skipper 'of the fishing vessel, "The Iceland" fishing out of Sand Point,Ak. One of his hobbies was that he was an 'Outhouse Collector', he collected 'antique' outhouses like those used during the old wagon trail days. One or two these even had bullet holes in the doors tell tale of  gun fight, in the toilet.

On the First of May of 1982 I set out for Alaska  and on the First may in 1981 a year earlier I was in Malaysia where I had to bury my uncle who was also my adopted father for the twelve years of my life before i was taken back by my immediate family. One of my favorite songs by the Bee Gees has always been , 'The First of May'. I dedicated this journey to my late Uncle while I was in Anchorage waiting for the flight to Sand Point via Dutch Harbor, Alaska.  

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