Thursday, July 27, 2017

Halibut Fishing 6

Not too far from the harbor laid the "Bone yard". where old discarded boats are laid to rest. Replaced by newer and better boats these wrecks were reminders to the owners of their humble beginnings.

Looking out from the window of the 'Windward cafe' one had a great vista of the open sea, the mountains and the coves. In the distant sitting on top of it all was Cletus Brown's humble palace by the sea.

A poor rendition of the Iceland with a mural painting I did on her side. She used to be a 95 footer shrimp boat but with the  end of shrimp fishing a few years ago, the iceland was shorten by 30 feet leaving her 65 feet in length. 

The Stevens was an unfortunate vessel that had caught fire while at sea and i watched her being towed back to the Spit. 

This small aircraft did not make it while landing as the gale force winds that sometimes rises out of the blue lifted it  up and brought it down on its belly.Accidents like these were a common occurrence as the weather out in the Bering is considered to be one of the most rough and unpredictable in the world. 

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