Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I have my ways you have yours.

Just saw the latest Spider Man Movie with my daughter and treated her to dinner as it was her two days off from work. Earlier in the morning I left the house with an empty wallet and as i left i told my daughter i was going to work and make some money. I made my way to the Auto Air conditioning Shop and as i arrived my friend Ah Huat, with a big smile on his face handed me an 'angpow' or chinese red envelop usually containing ,money.  Remember the numbers you gave me? I placed a bet on it and made RM900.The four digit number i told him to bet on was 1777 but instead it came up 7771 and fortunately Ah Huat had played the numbers around and so ended up still with the amount. I do not understand much about four digit numbers betting but had he betted the exact numbers he would have made a bundle on it depending on how much he betted.
The numbers came up when my friend the security guard at our apartment who happened to be a close friend from his former job as a driver for my cousin's catering business told me he saw these numbers on several cars earlier in the day and told me to play it, As i was driving around i too saw a couple of cars with the same numbers and thought it strange and so told my friend Ah Huat about it not thinking that he would take me seriously but he did and so I ended up with RM100 plus a few other gifts. Later in the evening i decided to cheer up my daughter by treating her to the movie. The moral of this mundane story is off course to believe in yourself, that the Universe or God whatever your faith lies in, will provide and sometimes in ways we least expect.
I raise my hat to all who have raised their children according to their faith and belief especially my Muslim family relatives and friends  As for me having drifted far from being religious all i tell my children is to be good, to do good and they will have to discover for themselves where or what their religious believe may be in time; I have no right to impose my faith and believe upon them, nor would I want to. All four of my children are intelligent and well educated adults and if they happen to read my Blog they would perhaps understand that their father in his odd ways is a Muslim at heart. He may not be a 'good' Muslim as most claim themselves to be, still between The All Mighty and himself, there is no Gods only Allah.
How I practice my faith is between me and my Maker, only He is my Judge, Jury and Executioner. In my spiritual belief and practice I do not fell the need to justify to any man divine or otherwise. I answer to my Lord as I see Him in my heart with every breath I take; He is closer to me than myself. I do not say these just as an excuse but it is the only truth I hold to be true as a;; e;se to me is just mind created illusions. I hold Islam to be the true religion and the teachings of the Prophet of Allah to be impeccable simply because it makes a whole lot of sense. As for my fellow Muslims I hold my mind in silence, no comments. They have their ways and I  have mine; judge me not for you have no idea of who I am. As for those that have been pointing their fingers at in judgement and accusation, i ask them to be aware that their four remaining fingers are pointing right back at them. 
 The Buddha taught of Compassion and Forgiveness and Jesus taught of Love Understanding while the Prophet raised the Banner of Islam upon Unity and Principles, this is my understanding of the teachings of the ancients.There is only One in truth, not two but just One... the I really is non existent; for if the I exist and the Creator exist there is two and this is not possible. That which reside within me, that had existed withing even before I was conceived is the essence of the One and upon death this is returned to the Rightful Owner to become One, Upon His demise or His pari Nirvana, the Lord Buddha uttered His last few words..." I am no more." "Unto Thy hands I command my Spirit!" Jesus was said to have uttered in his last breath.
This is ultimately the letting go of the egoic self, that which the mind has deluded itself with to think, this is who I am. In our ignorance we have most of us paraded upon this earth thinking we are better than others, holier than others, more closer to God than others more sacred in belief and faith than others and God is on our side. To know thyself is not an enactment exclusive to any single religion, it is a Universal Epitaph.   


Anonymous said...

Yeahh, I do understand what u r rambling abt, I totally agree with ur thought n I always think that like ur way, I do respect n believe all religion, n yet still believe in the only god Allah. yeah we all r perfectly in imperfect, what we Just need to do is keep do go things,keep walking, enjoy life, n ignore the judgemental people

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