Monday, July 31, 2017

Halibut Fishing - 9

" In 1975 it took a 128-day season for e relatively small number of fishermen to catch the quota set by the International Pacific Halibut Commission. Last year the longline fishermen hauled in the allotted 20 million pounds - four fifths of the North American halibut catch - in less than two weeks. 
This year the season in Southeast Alaska was over in 41/2 days. And wit a total fleet of 3,568 licensed vessels, It didn't much longer
elsewhere. " It is a ridiculous way to run a fishery, says Branson. " To take a very good resource that really is available to be fished year - round and catch it in a week is dumb."
From - The Anchorage Times dated, Sunday, June 27, 1982.
(I still have the original article in my journal).

From my journal entry - June 13th. 1982 - Volcano Cove.

The Fishermen's Talk. (For the fishermen's ears).

"Goddamn Cock sucking - mother fucking, son of a bitch, what else can happen to this old bitch of a tub!!"
" Get the fire extinguishers! God! Shit! There's fire down there in the hole!"
" No fucking fish fish! Not even the Irish Lord - No Cods - Nothing!"
"Goddamnit! The engine starting up again!(own its own after the fire  incident and everyone is sitting around in the galley).
"" How? Where? What?! Turn something off for Chrissakes before we fuck up the starter -cut the Goddamn wires! Do something!"
"Do you think the old tub is haunted, Rob?"
" Shit I know it is!"
" JR, it says here in the medical manual that if you are stung by an Irish Lord and your pecker does not stand erect for a certain amount of time like the rest of your body -stiff -you've had it - it will never stand up again!"
" Oh Shit! What do I tell my girlfriends down south?"
" Buy them fucking vibrating dildos for XMas!"
"Is there enough food to last for the next few weeks, guys?"
" Shit we got all the halibut and the salmon baits, if nothing else!"

Yea Iceland!

Her engine roars as music to the ears! (at last.).
Look out halibuts, here we come!
Weigh her anchor and lets get the hell out of here!
Goddamnit she's puking her bilge too!
Thank you Makushin bay for your calm sea and sunshine weather and we had our good day's rest, ( we took what we can) and we got to know the tub better inside out.
Goddamn Paul Martinez wherever you are, ( designed and built the iceland). She will float yet!
A fishing we will go...a fishing we will go...Hey -O a tally -O, a fishing we will go!
                             June 14th. 1982 -Makushin Bay, Ak.

Thte 'Deck Boss' Rob Sergei from Green
Bay, Wisconsin.

JR's Peanut Butter and jelly withdrawal.


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