Thursday, July 27, 2017

Halibut Fishing 5

My time spent in Sand Point , Alaska after my halibut fishing debut was like a fairy tale of an adventure for someone who had nothing left to live for in life as there was nothing I had worth counting on as i ran out of money and options except that I believed in myself, I trusted the fact that it was not the time for me to die there out in the freezing Tundra environment and if it was, I was prepared for it, but I knew I had tried, being there was my triumph. I made it to a place on the earth where not many of my own people could only dream of and i lived there among the native and participated in their daily lives. I was accepted by the Aleuts as well as the residents who settled up there from the lower 48s. 
I flew around in a Cessna plane belonging to a friend Dwight Blackburn who was a bush pilot and sometimes flew to and from Anchorage. On one of his flights Dwight handed me to fly the plane which really made my day as we flew over the snow covered mountains and the vast green ocean below me. I felt the freedom of flight and as we flew around a volcano that was spewing out mud colored clouds of smoke it raised the hair on my neck and chilled my spine, it was an indescribable experience. I flew on a few delivery trips with Dwight where he had to deliver food and liquor to the scattered islands of Aleut community. These beer runs as it was called was quite thrilling to say the least as there was no runways to land and take off except for short roads almost a straight path out there which only th bush pilot can find and make his landing. These trips with my friend the bush pilot were a priceless experience as I got to see the Aleutian Chain from the skies like a seagull. And for me who had arrived on the island with not a cent on me it was short of a miracle.
Cletus Brown who was originally from the South and was married to and Aleut lady and they had two girls. Cletus and i became very close friends and spent allot of time on top of the roof of his new house built at the edge of the land mass overlooking the sea in three directions. We spent our days most of the time either drunk or stoned while nailing shingles on his roof. Often enough as i stood there on top of the roof and looking around me at the far of mountains and open seas sometimes calm and sometimes rough I kept asking myself if I was in a dream, just being there; on top of the world. One clear evening while we were shooting the breeze about his wife and kids a rainbow in all its glory struck right down at where we were, perhaps i was standing on top of my pot of gold at that moment; it was my rainbow's end. I felt the shower of colored lights all over me and I dare say that I felt the presence of my Lord in all His glory. As I felt my tears escaped from my eyes, Cletus nudged me and whispered, " You have earned it by being here Sam."
"Here we are Cletus, on top of the world, pounding shakes on your roof, what do you think of it?"
" I think we should have a porch up here...but my wife will would have nothing to do with it!"


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