Saturday, June 03, 2017

How can we break down the barrier.

If we look down at the world from space, we would not see any demarcation of national boundaries. We would simply see one small Planet, just one. Once we draw a line in the sand we develop the sense of "us" and "them". As this feeling grows it becomes harder to see the reality of the situation. In many countries, in Africa and recently in Eastern European countries such as the former Yugoslavia, there is great narrow minded nationalism,
In a sense the concept of "us' and "them" is almost no longer relevant, as our neighbor's interest are ours as well. Caring for our neighbor's interest is essentially caring for our own future. Today the reality is simple, in harming our enemy, we are harmed. I find that because of the modern technological evolution and our global economy, and as a result of the great increase in population, our world has greatly changed, it has become much smaller. However our perception have not evolved at the same pace; we continue to cling to the old national demarcation and old feelings of "Us' and "Them".
The Dalai Lama - Introduction to his book " An Open Heart" pg. 10

Jedu Krishnamurti, the great Indian Philosopher,whose thoughts I have closely since I was in college , had pointed out to me in many of his works and talks that " You are the world." If and when you have realized it, you become the creator of your own world, you manifest all there is. His thorough study in the workings of the mind, in thoughts and human consciousness is today a beacon to many who has studied his works. We are a whole, each and everyone of us, perfect and complete, only we are blinded by our inability to transcend the conditions we have been led into from the moment we were born. Not many has been able to break free of the shackles of these conditioning albeit, cultural, religious or ideologies. Only those who have the will and the yearning for the truth, those who are awaken from the slumber of ignorance or those who have shattered the mirrors of illusion that surrounds one, stands the chance to become aware of the greatness of the human mind  and how it affects the universe.
The Collective consciousness of the human mind is not something  trivia, it is what moves the atoms and the planets into place, it governs the very nature of our existence; if we could only feel this within us. It takes a total commitment towards self realization by whatever means for it to be possible for the spirit to see itself as the overlord; master of its own environment and circumstances. The ultimate sacrifice is the extermination of the ego, the thought created small or monkey mind. This is what most of us humans are carrying with us throughout our entire lives and most never had even a glimpse of the truth of the fact that we are merely surviving this life and some are surviving better than others. We do this at the expense of others, we do this at the expenses of the planet itself and we become oblivious to the greater purpose and meaning of our life. 
What is unique about aliens as depicted in UFO sightings by the media and so forth is the fact that they all look alike. Is this perhaps the manifestation of 'Collective Consciousness' in a specie? The fact that these alien creatures all look alike is a prerequisite to being an advanced specie that has evolved way beyond individuality and as  such they can act collectively as an entity. Humans takes great pride in being an individual that is unlike any other of his kind preferably better in all aspects such as looks and wealth. We compete against one another and we claim  more for ourselves in the name of survival the fittest; I am smarter and more industrious, I work hard to get where I am. Man can never come close to being an advanced being like those aliens simply because self serving and overly competitive and we take pride in our individuality and our tribalism like our race and culture. perhaps after a few more millennia of evolution we might be able to shed off our skins and good looks and all become boringly alike, perhaps then we might function as an advanced specie of aliens; it might be our final act of survival. 
At the rate man is racing himself towards self annihilation we need an option for our very survival as a humanity and that option is to explore the outer space for possible friendly planet that can replace our own for our future generation. Before our whole specie is wiped out we need to become aliens and start our journey of exploration ..."to boldly go where no man has gone before." Yes it is self fulfilling this prophecy of 'space being the final frontier.' The sooner we can stop racing against one another on who gets there first the better we would have in racing against time itself for at the rate we are moving ahead with our self destructive agenda time is of the essence. If the Super powers of today can by some miracle sit and put their collective minds to work, the possibility of us joining the aliens 'visiting' our skies on an equal footing would not be farfetched. Our human history, our past and present collective minds has been pointing us, warning us to be prepared, to not waste precious time in finding faults against each other, to end the spitting contest of nations against nations and to end our tribal complex, if we are to survive as a specie into the future. 


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