Tuesday, June 13, 2017

And the fasting Must go on.!

The mind is restless from being cooped up in the apartment with time and leisure on hand. So what do i have to do about it? Read C.Jung's "Psychology and the East," and perhaps this quite a heavy reading will keep the mind from getting bored. Listening to the gust of wind blowing through the crack in the window of the living room is something new and the experience simple as it is helps to anchor the mind in the here and now. Making this Blog entry in itself is another way of keeping the mind from straying towards unimportant or mundane thoughts and ideas or worse fantasies. My daughter is taking a nap and i am suppose to wake her up in an hour and take her to work, so this too is in the slate for the mind to look forward to; its a routine not a ritual.
As comfortable as it seems where i am at both mentally and physically except off course for the tooth ache and the physical discomforts due to lack food and drink i am doing fine. What is there to complain about during the Fasting Month of Ramadan? About two more weeks to go and how time drags when you are fasting especially when it gets to the end of the day about an hour before the breaking of the fast. When i look at what is going on around me I must say that the Malay Muslims are to be commended for their devotion towards fulfilling the call to fast during this month. What with the days being hotter than normal and the country's economy is at its lowest performance and despite the uncertainties of the political future, Muslims in Malaysia are going through the fasting month with full vigor.
Hunger and thirst is a small price to pay for the fulfillment of one of Islam's precepts and those who finds it too hard to bear might want to contemplate upon themselves as to how it would be like when comes time when food and water is hard to come by. This is the training of the body to endure hunger and thirst through out the day and it is also the mind to be able to not succumb to its weaknesses. Islam is a demanding religion and is uncompromising when it comes to doing the right thing. For this most Westerners are not able to cope with its tenets and dub it extremism. However underneath all its demands Islam has set a strict route towards the salvation of the soul which in this day and age is in limbo for most of us. 
The detoxification of the body is not the only benefit that comes from fasting, fasting also helps to detoxify the mind in a big way. For whatever it is worth, the fasting Month is a Month of great testing of mind, body and soul; a great test of character. if humanity can fast for the whole month of Ramadan for no matter what reason, it will be an eye opener, a miracle where wars and crimes would be cut down and human compassion towards one another would be embedded into the consciousness of each and everyone of us.When we understand what being hungry or thirsty is like, we become more sensitive towards those who suffer the effects on a daily basis due to poverty.   

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