Friday, May 05, 2017

The Age of darkness

Just got  home from watching , "Guardians of the Galaxies" at the cinema with my two children and we had a good time together. I enjoy Marvels movies as there is not much to really think about if you follow the script closely enough, the rest is pure action and adventure and in this case with allot of good humor thrown in. It was also good to see my two children catch up with each other as they hardly see one another during the regular working days, They are both doing well at their jobs and both has the potential for growth in their careers. Their mother would have been proud of them if she still around, but sadly enough this is not so.
If you have to feed this insatiable mind, feed it with a whole lot of positive vibes like listen to Hans Zimmer's Pirates of the Caribean being played by various great violinists accompanied by great orchestras. Watch great movies that moves the spirit, like 'The Last of the Mohicans' or Gandhi', stand and witness the sun rising or setting, draw or paint from your imagination; do not let the mind simply drift aimlessly, it is bound to drag you down your memory lanes . especially those you least want to revisit. "You cannot go back and make a new beginning, but you can start right now and make a brand new ending...there ain't no overtime in life, no do-over...if you do not use your gift then you sell not only yourself but the whole world short!" ...Omeleto.
A goal, a motive, even a dream to set the mind in motion towards it achievement or fulfillment, to allow for the mind to dwell upon a more positively motivated aim. This is one of the ways in which we have to hone th mind and harness its potential rather than allow for it to run our lives helter- skelter without any sense of direction, rhyme or reason, day in day out. To be able to carry this out one has to be aware that the mind is a problem when left on its own without any form of conscious observation; the human mind is as slippery as an eel and has much more up its sleeve than Wily Coyote does. To be awaken to this realization takes a personal effort of some form that will allow for it to happen,  Meditation is the most surest form that thus far has been proven to be more successful than most others like taking of drugs, alcohol, prayers or chanting and so forth. To bring the mind to a quiet state and place in a more constructive and productive state is a life long endeavor which not many has the time nor the inclination to take on especially in this day and age.
IN this age of information technology the human, at least hose who knows how to use a computer is so heavily bombarded by useful as well as useless information that we as human will soon see a generation of mentally overloaded, sycophants running around. These product of this new age of unlimited supply of information will be the inheritors of our future where there will be all brains and no feelings; geniuses with petrified hearts.The mind will have  a field day and the insane asylums will be filled to maximum capacity with deluded patients. Only those spared by the lack of ability to surf the net might stand a chance to live a life of sanity and they will serve those who has a good grasp of the use of this internet resources to exploit and manipulate and to control the masses. It is already happening from the most advanced to the poorest countries as more and more people are being exposed to the gadgets on the market. From the youngest to the oldest, people are becoming more and more addicted to these so called technological wizardry in the form of I phones and computers.  The collective human mind is slowly being led towards a false sense of understanding of what life is or what being human is; life today is as cheap as a bullet in the barrel of a gun.
We are living in an age of darkness while believing we are enlightened.  


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