Monday, May 29, 2017

Stay awake.

 While searching  for something worth to watch and listen to, I came upon a video entitled "The Whole Truth",  presented by  Sevan Bomar on You Tube. After listening to a few tapes and videos on what this young man had to talk about i am very impressed and excited in realizing that here is yet another awakened spirit to take of the mantle of the spiritual journey and benefitting many who follows him. Bomar has the energy and the passion for the mission he has set himself to fulfill and he has the intelligence and the skillful means in delivering what he is delivering. His no hold barred style and simple mode of transmitting his understanding should be a boon to many young minds seeking such similar knowledge of the mysteries of  the Universe through the understanding of religious symbols and the connections that can be made between the ancient and modern take on life itself.  I will look forward to following his works as i am sure he will be revealing more into the future through his intuitions and insights over what he has understood.
The Planet needs more and more younger people to pave the way towards a greater understanding of what we are facing and how we can avoid, or slow down the process of decay that humanity is sucked into. At the very least we can if more of us will get off the gravy train and the comfort zone we find ourselves in and take a walk on the wild side to discover a little more about who we truly are and what we are capable of especially collectively, we might turn around this downward spiralling of humanity and the fate of the planet itself. It is way passed the time for mankind to wake up from his slumber of ignorance and it is never too late to make an effort towards getting on board the healing train and spread the words of wisdom handed down to us from the ancient and the modern minds alike. It is never too late to let our minds be open and receptive and our hearts filled with compassion for the rest of humanity and the planet, to allow for healing to take place.
Sometimes just when you feel like you're barking up at the moon and wasting your voice over nothing, along comes a voice you have never heard before and telling things that you have not heard told in such a manner  that surprises you. This is perhaps that little voice within of the collective spirit of the whole, call it the universal spirit or what you may, like your supreme self, telling you that all is not lost and that you should not give up the quest, the journey the yearn to fulfill your dream of manifesting the truth as you see it. All the years of wandering and wondering that you have been tripping are not all a wasted effort or a pipe dream, it is perhaps you  have just entered the next phase or a new beginning here perhaps you will find even deeper meanings to what it is that you are expecting to find before you call it quit. It is easy to give up and drift right back into living unconsciously like a zombie, but it is never easy to awaken to reality as it knocks on your consciousness and demands your attention.
Liberation does not come easy, it comes at a cost that only your life time experience and your perseverance can keep the door of opportunities open for you; stay awake!    

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