Thursday, May 25, 2017

Become One with the Whole.

"Chatter in the skull', through excessive thinking you loose the touch with reality. What is reality? No one can say because it is not words, it is just an idea...reality is this...boingg...." Alan Watts.

So how do I keep myself from drowning into the mediocrity of existence living life with the script written for me by all that is around me. How do i free myself from these preconditioned impressions and believe systems handed down for generations an which has yet to solve the problems of this planet that we live on. Education, relationships, religion, science, entertainment and what not.they have filled my head with loads of nothing and i am drowning with knowledge overload. How do i drag my mind out of this quagmire of incessant heap of knowledge and mental formations being downloaded into my mind? There is really nothing that i can do except sit and watch.
This is in essence what the masters are telling or have been telling us about what meditation is, what getting to know who you are and where you are at in this flow of life. It is so simple yet so illusive for most people to grasp as the mind has been from way back when been uploaded with so much information worthwhile or otherwise ever since its inception into being able to think. The influx of images and thoughts and ideas from the external world is never ending and will keep on infecting the mind till the day we expire and the mind comes to a dead end. Still we have to keep on finding ways and means to unload all that has been accumulated throughout one's age and the methods have been pointed out by the ancients and the modern seekers of truth, teachers and Gurus   alike. 
We walk through this life on a beaten path that many has gone before us and those that have the fore sight have often shared with us the secrets towards avoiding the pot holes and the pitfalls along the way. They have left behind words of wisdom and modes of action to be taken as the event of coming up to a blind alley while we are on this path. They have laid out guide posts so we can discover for ourselves a better route, one that is much less fraught with stumbling blocks and vexations. It is up to us to look into these handed down messages and words of wisdom and fit it into our daily routines as best we could in order that we find a smooth sailing while we are on our path.
It is through our own self discovery that we can hope to heal our ailing humanity if not eh planet itself. We have to come to a spiritual realization that we are all running around with a loaded mind that is of no benefit to the whole. We need to find that silence that empty space in between where we can catch a glimpse of what reality truly and act from this moment of insight. We can do this if we allow ourselves to become whole and less individualistic in our approach to life. In discovering who we are at the core of all these, we become one with the whole around us.

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