Monday, April 17, 2017

Still trying to Wake up!

 So when you have been able to detach yourself as much as possible from the external infringements, what do you expect to happen that is worthwhile all that practice you have put into this achievement? Nada!, nothing! These is nothing to expect from whatever that you have thus far arrived at in your quest towards your liberation, your final cut from the phenomenal realm of existence that you find yourself in. You are still stuck in it like everyone else, you still are groping in the dark for that light switch that would enlighten your inner being from this realm of illusions. But all is not lost, you still have a good handle on your self determination and self expression that will keep you from fading off into oblivion where all the mediocrity ends up after having spent their allotted time on this earth.
You at the very least have learned the difference between  what is genuine and what is fake, when to strive on and when to brake; you have seen your inner face. You have come to realize that this body is not you and neither is the mind and therefore you are free to manifest as you please without any kind of expectation in return for there is none to return to. All is just moments in time expressed by the mind through the physical form and this will keep on manifesting until it is time for you to give up the physical form and the mental accumulations. Liberation is not something that will happen to you but has always been a part of you, but you have not been awaken to it for having fallen asleep in this realm of Maya, where not all that you see,touch, smell. taste or feel is what it truly is. 
How you live this life having opened up you wisdom eye and waking up to the reality that is not what you had expected is a matter of how deep a conviction you have towards your goal of self liberation. What are you trying to be free of? Why do you need to be free from this life as it is? Does death liberates you from your delusions? These are simple basic questions that a seeker asked when he or she sets out to find all that can be discovered of his or her own being-ness. The question of ,Who am I? still hangs before one's vision reminding of the original intention of this whole journey right from the day of its inception. Along the way you have floundered and fallen by the roadside or taken a deviation from the chosen path as protest of out of frustration and even despair. But you rise and you forge on along without looking back for there is not a thing to look back into; you are driven on your journey and the wheels are turning ever faster and gathering momentum as you go along heading towards that kingdom called Nirvana.
Still you look and listen to the cries of the world around you knowing fully well that there is little that you can do for what is out there but very much you can still work on with what you can achieve within. So live life if you must with all the dignity and the pride of a lion and walk this earth like a Thatagatha, the awakened Adhi Buddha, for that is truly who you are and who you aught to strive to become if you are not truly awaken to it; Become a Buddha! Pluck the Lotus of life without wetting your fingers, kindly bend to ease the burden of others along the path, pour out your spring of Compassion wherever you be and rejoice in who you truly are without counting your merits. There is not a thing to expect and nothing to gain, become at peace with this phenomenal realm but know that you are not influenced or attached to it.
If not here, where? If not Now, When? Can you let go of that which is tying you down, nailing your feet to the floor? Can you remove that which is standing in your path, can you become fluid like water and find your way through it all that obstructs your progress. Wake up! Stay Awake! 

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