Friday, March 24, 2017

Yadda! Yadda! - He said!

There will always be a stream of thoughts running through my mind consciousness every minute of the day and i have to learn to accept this fact part of who my conditioned self is while in this physical form. How to create an intermission, an interlude, a break in the course of this incessant route of mental drifts is the question i have asked myself as of men of old did when they first discovered how the mind has created all the delusions of this phenomenal existence since time beginning. Albeit through the worship od a Living God or deity or through the logical understanding of the workings of the inner mind, through scientific deductions or Buddhism, man has tried to unravel this mystery of life that is corrupting our very existence. 
Like a broken record with its antique needle stuck in one groove and not able to continue on to a new line or verse, i still wish to share my take on how this can be accomplished and even as i am writing this statement i am already doing what i am encouraging others to do. That is as the NIKE Logo said, "Just Do It!" Act it out, stop spelling it out or analyzing it to death, stop wondering and expecting, stop visualizing and contemplating, just do it. The only thing that can stop one mind from its continuous reverberation is make it a a part and process of one's immediate action. Try to involve the mind to its fullest potential and try your best not allow it be dissuaded from the task at hand by any force whatsoever. If you're trying as I am doing right now just type away allow the mind to take over your fingers and express its 'mind'out. This is 'Meditation in Action." This, the way of the ancient Ones when they say, upon awakening fetch water and carry firewood, after awakening fetch firewood and carry water, nothing changes just keep the mind busy through effortless work.; an idle mind is a cause for a thousand miseries.
In short my fault lies within me and not from without. For so long as I allow my mind to rule my judgement, my thoughts and feelings, i am conditioned to become subservient to its whims. A conditioned mind is my egoic nature that every so often dictates the circumstances of my being according to its satisfaction and self preservation; that is me too. Fear, discomfort, loneliness, and despair are part and parcel of causes that leads to the desire for comfort and security which the conditioned mind readily dispenses as a salve for a temporary relief. What the conditioned mind offers, however is temporary and a permanent solution to the illness. The illness is every so often treated as a 'band aid' case, as soon as the band is applied the illness is forgotten. The illness, is age old, an ancient twisted karma, that keeps on manifesting time and again for so long as the human mind is not brought on line with the rest of the functions and activities of the owner. The bringing into alignment of the conditioned mind with the body and the spirit is called meditation.

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