Friday, March 03, 2017

What will happen will happen.

"What life has to offer you is what you asked for and there's none to blame for all the errors you make and none to praise for the good things you have accomplished but yourself. If you are a believer than the Lord will shed light unto all that you have done in the span of your life and if you are not, well I really don't know what happens to you other than what your logical mind would conceive the afterlife would be like for you; perhaps just nothingness. Whatever it may be you still have to find the answers for yourself as it is inevitable that you will die one day sooner or later. Heaven or hell, oblivion or the emptiness of the void, you will end up somewhere even before your body is being consumed by the worms and other denizens of the earth you are buried in." My friend said while we were chatting over dinner in a restaurant.
I told him that I have no preconceived ideas about what will happen to me when I die and if i do it will only be of what i have understood as a Muslim and am committed to believe what the scriptures and the Prophet has told me. But as a thinking man I am still addressing the subject as best i can through all the scientific, logical, philosophical and religious perspective made through my journey of self discovery. I claim no complete understanding of all that is true or false about the matter but i know that I am given the faculty to think and deliberate for myself and come to a conclusion at the moment of my death. I am more concerned about life than the afterlife as I feel it is more important understand life before i can understand death; if I live well, I hope to die well. 
On a deeper level I try to understand better by looking at my inner being and what my heart has to say with regard to death and dying. I know that I have lived life as best or worse as i could and somewhere sometime I will have to come to evaluate and bring to a conclusion this 'experiment' called life and living. As the curtain is slowly being lowered I find it more critical that I find my answers and for better or worse I hope to be fully awaken when i finally fall asleep. All through my life I have been sleep walking, often not even aware that i am a conscious living soul created and endowed with this tremendous gifts of the mind and body which helps to see me through thick and thin and all that life has to offer. At 67, I am still reaching out and reaching within in order that I may maintain an equilibrium no matter what I think or do. All that I have erred I ask for forgiveness from the Higher Being, some call God others by other names and all that is of merit I ask that my deeds are blessed by the same. I cannot claim Islam or Christianity, or Hinduism or Buddhism or any other religious faith to be the one and only true faith as throughout my life I have found them all to be equally true. My personal believe is that I am the master of my own destiny and whatever that occurs in the course of my life had been of my own doing. I carry my own cross and my own laurels and i will have to submit myself to That which i originate Him God or as in my case Allah.
" Innalillah hiwaina lillah hirajiu," I came from Him and I return to Him. I believe I am here on loan to carry out an experiment called life. How i fare, albeit a rich man or poor a king or pauper, wise or insignificant, I have been endowed with the free will to think and exist as i see fit from moment to moment, self aware and self regulating. Throughout the ages my ancestors from all around the globe has been imparting their own self discoveries for me to live by and i chose those that i feel works well for me at each moment in time. I am a Taoist, I am a Yogi, I am a Sufi dervish and I am the rascal, the mischief maker; I am all that is contained in my genetic make up. I abide by the laws of Karma, the precepts of the Buddha and the teachings of the Quran and the Sayings of the Prophet of Allah, I abide by the laws of Nature and the Ways of the Tao; I merely go with the flow as my own heart dictates.
Do what is right and avoid what is wrong or against nature and you will find the Kingdom of heaven right before your eyes. However live blindly in this life and you will be blind in the next or afterlife; so be awakened before you fall asleep. All the great teachings and philosophies handed down from generation to generations is as valid today as it ever was; choose your own 'Way'. Not to have any way at all is to live like a blind man with no sense of direction or light to be guided by. Even the blind, in order to survive has to depend on others who are able to see. "In this life do not waste time " said the Buddha. In this human existence one has the potential to attain enlightenment and be forever awakened thus freeing oneself from this cycle of life, death and rebirth. (for those who believe in Transmigration of the soul or reincarnation).

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