Thursday, March 30, 2017

Where stand you?

Throughout the human history it has been observed that man has strived to understand himself in relation to his environment and his Maker. He has been striving to makes sense out of all the non-sense that surrounded him affecting his manners and behaviors and what he is to expect of himself as well as of others. Throughout history he came to formulate various concepts and precepts to suit his believe and faith that helps to keep him in line well balanced with nature and the world of the unseen. In doing so he has evoked many deities and Gods, he has worshiped and prayed to the mountains and the skies, even some to the animals in the various forms. Man till this day and age is still seeking to understand that which is still a mystery to him; what is life? What is Death and what is the Afterlife.
Fortunate are those to whom these were never an issue in their entire life, for them ignorance is indeed bliss. However for those who ask and demand for an answer, they carry the burden of the original sin, that of having eaten the fruit from the tree of knowledge. For those whose entire life has been in finding out the truth or the ultimate reality of what Is, knowledge is both a curse and a source of comfort. The human mind is like a sword that cuts both ways, it cuts through ignorance as well as wisdom depending on how it is wield and by whom. Hence the Sword of Manjushri the Bodhisatva of Infinite Wisdom is a symbol that holds this principle. To cut through the veil of Maya or the illusory world that we are trapped in we need the sharpness of the sword of Manjushri that can tear through the fabric of time and space to free the mind from the binds of delusions.
"The Unity of the two, life and consciousness, is the Tao, whose symbol would be the central white light, also mentioned in the Bardo Thodol. Here is yet another secret of secrets as taught in the Taoist phylogeny as well as the Tibetan Book of the Dead. This is knowledge that not too many today takes the trouble to ponder much less make it a study in our lives; we are too busy elsewhere. In this day and age of the Computer technology , learning has become a cinch as most of what you want to know is readily available at your finger tips, how often it is said and yet how little an impact it makes on those who read. The point being made here is that all the knowledge that has been accumulated throughout one's life is not gone to waste simply because one is required to have a believe in one faith only. The religions of the world all point towards the Unity of Oneness, the Merging of All Differences in Unity. To better understand this principle, one has to traverse the solitary journey of self discovery and in the end be able to establish One's Dharma Position, the platform from which one stands and delivers one's own personal stance on matters of the spirit and the soul.  
 Thus to make a claim that Islam is the only true religion or Hinduism or Buddhism or Christianity for that matter in this day and age is in itself a detrimental cause as it further segregates human spiritual growth. Most young adult today are ore than capable of thinking for themselves far beyond the ability of their fathers's generation. Most have become turned off by the religious rhetoric by the clergies and Imams and as a result most have opted for the "Free Thinkers' or Atheistic point of views as a way out. Religions today have become a commodity for the market just like most commercial products, what is even worse religions have also been turned into weapons of propaganda that leads to untold miseries that the world faces today.  

" It is not a matter of indifference whether one calls something a "mania" or a "God". To serve a mania is detestable and undignified, but to serve a God is full of meaning and promise because it is  an act of submission, to a higher, invisible and spiritual being. The personification enables us to see the relative reality of the autonomous system, and not only makes its assimilation possible but also depontiates the daemonic forces of life. Whe the God is not acknowledge, egomania develops and out of this mania comes sickness."
C.G. Jung - Commentary on "The Secret of the Golden Flower>"
Psychology and the East -pg. 40.

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