Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sharing my Experience.

The young lady is one of the only  Fine Arts Student who dropped by to view the show. This is an indication how  much interest is shown by the local students at the USM . Why?

When I shared my experience more deeply, these students were more receptive and captivated by what they were exposed to.

A group of ladies came from neighboring state and were impressed with my works when I took them on a tour.

Watching the visitors from afar gave me a sense of satisfaction that my works meant something to the few.

There was always a group that would look more closely at what they were look at and discuss my works.

Curiosity and interest slowly seeped into their attention when they realized tha all these different works belonged to one man. 

When the browsed through my sketch books some of which are older then their own age held their attention and wonder.

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