Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Me and my Children.

My three children with their new found friend from Canada, (far right). We had just watched "Logan" the movie at the theater. 

My children and , it is sad that the oldest was not able to make it and i wonder if he will ever be in the picture in the future.

My exhibition is presently on going at the Museum Galleri Tuanku Fauziah- USM and i feel like i have yet accomplished another major contribution towards sharing my works with the general public especially the young adults. It has been a long and tedious effort to ge the works up but it has been done and now i am sitting back and enjoying entertaining those who visit the gallery,

This morning there was a group of exchange students from Japan and Malaysia who happened to drop by and i gave them a tour of my works especially sharing my Japan Journals which I did while living for three years in Sendai. Japan. It is interesting to watch how interested they were and how one or two just simply were not there as they were buried in the hand phone..

I wonder how uch of my message is being received by those who were exposed to my works and those who had the opportunity to listen to my Ramblings. However it is of no consequential as i know i have delivered my promise to have the show and share it with my audience beyond just pieces of art.

If I can make a difference in the development of one mind through my art show , I have done my job. I know my children were there and had a good time witnessing their father's efforts and i hope it will remain as a sweet memory into their future.

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