Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Discovering Jung in a Thrifty store.

I arrived home just before midnight and it is 3am. I left the  farm at 4;30pm yesterday and after leaving behind my friends at the  Farm including two couples from France and one couple from Australia and the Captain attending to a group of 50 school children from a religious boarding school. I had a good full three days of touching all bases of my regular spaces where i usually hang out at. My knee and my teeth still aches but my soul feels rewarded that I have done something useful in the course of my travelling here and there. Each stop had a gift for me to learn from and i was able to share my thoughts and feelings about life with an International group, a predominantly Chinese group as well as a Malay group of fishermen. I feel now a small sense of contentment that my efforts are not gone wasted, even the effort of making this Blog entry. I am sharing my life with the world said one of the French ladies while we were talking about my Blogging. I might not see them again, but who can tell. Does it matter?
It is 4;pm now in the late afternoon and I had just came home from the dentist who hesitated to work on me because my blood pressure was too high. He told me it could trigger s stroke and i told him not to worry and just go ahead an get the tooth out as it is a vicious circle. The pains cause my blood pressure to rise and in order to have to bring my blood pressure down, which i did through simple breathing and deviating my consciousness from the trauma. I survived and am home working on my lap top. One down and two to go and so next Monday i have another date with the young Chinese Dentist all a the cost of One Ringgit. (RM1;00).
I had taken my daughter out for brunch and we later stopped at the Jimat Store or the thrifty store run by the Salvation Army, she like shopping there. While browsing through the second hand books section i cam upon 4 books on the complete works of  C.G, Jung. It is indeed a rare find for me at the cost RM10 for five books including ,The tropic of Capricorn by Henry Miller. I began reading Psychology and the East translated by R.F.C. Hull These five books will keep me occupied in the next few weeks if not months as I was inspired by Jungian thoughts and ideas about East and West merging in differences during my college years while studying comparative religions. Till this day I still listen to Jung's talks on You Tube along with Manly.P. Hall and such similar great minds as Jedu Krishnamurti and D.T. Suzuki.
As the anesthesia is staring to wear off I am now feeling the wooziness creeping of pain back into the general a area of my jaw. It is highly doubtful that I will do too much the rest of the evening and thank the lord that i have nough books to keep me occupied.        

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