Thursday, March 09, 2017

Grey Wolf - The man Without a Country.

Continued ...
Grey Wolf rose from his perch, a smooth surface on top of one of the spires of the organ pipe rock structure where he had been sitting watching the sunset. He made his way down to the small lean to he had constructed as his temporary abode located near the dry bed of the small river that had carved its way through the rocks over eons by the result of rain and flash flood. It gets cold as the sun disappears and the nights can chill the bones sometimes and so he set about getting a fire going to keep himself warm and roast the corn cob that he had with hem for his meal. When he had finished his meal of dried beef jerky and roasted corn washed down with fresh mountain stream water he settled down to do his sitting meditation wrapped up in his thick woolen poncho. He lit his long stemmed pipe and smoked the contents provided to him by the old Navajo Shaman at the Reservation. "Why the hell did I agree to do this with the old fart!" he mumbled to himself.

There was mostly silence all around him as the evening worn off into the night and he drifted into a peaceful state of being that often followed after his smoke of the stuff the Shaman had provided him for his pipe. As his mind drifted from one solitary dream into another he was aroused form his slumber like state by a a presence in the form of a luminous being all dressed up in a traditional Native American dress with bright and shiny beads and expensive buckskin hide that flows to the ground covered with ornate designs. The figure of a regal Tribal Leader with a war bonnet of white feathers stood before him holding a Tomahawk hatchet in one hand while in the other he held a circular buffalo hide shield with a white bleached skull of the Bison painted on it. His face was ancient with strong features and his eyes looked like two black marbles that stared ahead at the emptiness before him.
Grey Wolf felt cold sweat running down his spine and was transfixed by the vision, he sat frozen still, he could only feel his beating heart as it raced within him.

The apparition turned away from him and raised the Tomahawk and the shield towards the sky as he did so as though paying homage to the Great Spirit and having the two objects blessed. With the same motion the figure turned facing Grey Wolf and knelt before him laying the items on the ground in front of him. The figure then stood back up and even as it reached its full height began to dissipate and vanished into the night. Grey Wolf sat frozen still until he felt his breath return and the fire warming his body. he noticed the objects laying on the ground before him and gently reached for them not believing that they were real. He held the tomahawk in his hand and felt its weight and balance just right for him. He peered closely to the intricate engravings on the handle and head itself, it was like nothing he had ever seen before. He picked up the leather shield in his left hand and stood up facing the same direction that the apparition had faced and raised the two objects into the skies and as he did he could hear the howling of the wolves from far away echoing all through the Organ Pipe Mountains.

Early next morning Grey Wolf made his way out of the organ Pipes Mountain area to his pick up truck parked in a secluded spot away from the main highway and drove toward Tucson, Arizona, he stopped by one of the Mexican Restaurant and had his breakfast before heading north towards Flagstaff where he took the turnoff towards Gallup where the Navajo Reservation is located to visit his Shaman mentor.He had a a long drive ahead of him and spent most of his time driving while contemplating his spiritual experience at the Organ Pipe Mountains. The Organ Pipes was where Cochise had holed up when he and his band of warriors were being hunted by the long knives. The brutal history of his people had Grey Wolf's attention ever since he had met with the Shaman who related to him his past and how he had come to end up at the Navajo Reservation as a young boy orphaned by the loss of his parents in a hit and run accident along the highway 666 between Gallup and Durango. 
To be Contd.

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