Friday, February 03, 2017

We Are The World!

 For the past one week i had spent my time working out in the fields at the SRI LOVELY Organic Farm, it has been a week long of hard labor of love. The City of Georgetown was inundated by the Chinese New Y revelers and last minute shoppers and the traffic about the City was a challenge to one's nerves even if one is a Meditator. Now i am suffering from a lower back pain and my knee is aching from too much activity. I am back at the MGTF where i do my writing among other things. The change of pace between the life in the City and being in the rural rustic countryside is refreshing momentarily, but the noise and dramas of the life in the City soon invades my senses before I even had a chance to heal my aches and pains.

I met a few of the most interesting people from France, the Unityed States and Sweden when I was at the Farm and they helepd to affirm my faith in the fact that individuals makes a great difference when their energies are being put to use in a good cause. The organis farm is coming to live as more and more 'seekers' and travellers arrive to share their presence and energies if making something out of what nature has to offer. More and more and more are waking up to the call of the 'return to nature' without the synthetic affeects tha amn and technology is imposing upon her. Healing the land back to its natural state after being systematically poisoned by chemicals and pesticides generated from the laboratories of some major chemical companies is a slow and tedious process. It is evident by the slow return of the wild life to these affected areas after a long absence since the introduction of these chemicals into the environment.

It was also enlightening to witness how the younger generation of locals and foreign visitors interact without any form of judgement or misgiviings and how the local boys are willing to learn the languages and customs from their counterparts as they work alongside each other. The Farm is beginning to remind me of Green Gulch Farm, the Zen Monastery where i used to live in California's Marin County.It has much to offer those who are looking for some answers to their lives or seeking an alternative to what they presently are facing. SRI LOVELY is becoming a Global Village and i sincerely hope that it will become yet another beacon of freedom from the conditioned existence that most are being subjected to in this day and age without even realizing the fact that they are. It is just another small step, a small venture that is still struggling to stay afloat on its own, however more and more philanthropists and well wishers are making a contribution towards getting the place up and running without any attachment to any government control.
Here I find myself, my calling, to serve humanity as best i could physically, mentally as well as spiritually.As i rake the whole yard around the facility and cut the weeds and grass that threatened to overgrow I witnessed how distorted my mind has become and how i am subjected to its moods and sway. For hours I kept working in the hot sun without caring about my aches and pains or the reason for my actions and at the end of the day a young man would come along and offers me a drink or a smoke telling to take it easy, it made me feel i had accomplished something, I touched his heart. I have inspired him and his buddies to work selflessly.


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