Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The way of the Blogger.

Sitting in silence and being present I watch the mysteries unfold around me, nothing spectacular, just the everyday worries i have over nothing. I woke up realizing that i have been a victim of my own doing and i blame my mind and my self for not being more conscious of my consciousness. The mysteries of the phenomenal world are as deep as the mind wants them to be or as shallow. In fact life has no mysteries only just short memories lasing for as long as the mind perceives it to be.   Then poof! it is gone and another replaces it sharing its own short memories more involved perhaps or more worries and poof it it s gone... and this too will pass.

I am beginning to enjoy writing now more so then I ever was in the past twelve years of my Blogging, Ramblings of the Cheeseburger Buddha, a Blog that has kept me from going insane. This Blogging helped me to keep my life in as much balance as i can possibly maintain reconciling between East and West, Inner and Outer and Right or Wrong. I used to keep journals of sketchbook prior to the blogging coming along which opened the flood gate of my consciousness and allowed for me to express myself and share it all with the rest of the world. What is right comes from the Divine an what is in error is my own ignorance. 

I am a container that contains salve for the healing of wounded souls and I am the reed through which they breath, I am a healer of wounded souls as I am one. "Go easy on yourself Shamsul," a very close friend once told me while we taking a walk along the hillside at Green Gulch Zen Center in Sausalito, Ca. "Let go of the cross, it was no meant for you to carry, empty your baggage and become enlightened." "Someday you will become the Abbot of Zen Center David, " I told him, "When you are ripe and ready."

I feel like i can reach out in time and space and touch every single moment of my life episodes for episodes and relate them at my discretion. There is only the physical aches and pains of sitting for so long and writing that hampers my progress, otherwise I enjoy writing  from my past, present and into my future.


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