Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The definition of a farmer- He is is the man Outstanding in his Field.

Major (Retired) Zakaria Amantasha is the man responsible for the establishment of SRI LOVELY organic Farm at Kampung Lintang, Sik Kedah in Malaysia. He is one of a kind 'Power House' of service and dedication to the small community of the Belantik, Sik area in Organic Rice planting.

Through his years of services as an army officer he has spent at times months in the tropical jungle where he learned to survive with bare minimum of necessities. Here he share his knowledge of how to construct a tatch roof from a king of palm leaf.

Known as 'The captain', the major got together all the land owners aroung Lintang and converted the rice plots that were not put to use into and organic rice growing facility.He created the Belantik Corporation which has 32 acres of land in total at the foothills of Kampung Lintang, locacated some 3 kilometers from the small town of Belantik. 
Kampung Lintang sits n a valley at the foothills where the  jungle begins. by making sure that the land is free from any form of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the project has seen a growing number of wild animals, birds and fishes returning to the area. I am a witness to this change after having been involved here for the past five years.

The captain is a rlentless worker who knows no time od day or night and he is never found idle and always full of ideas on how to overcome any form of hurdle that lay in his way. A Millitary Commander at one time in Kosovo, the captain is a rough tough kind of guy who takes no nonsense when imparting knowledge to his students. 

Captain Zakaria is very highly regard among the professors and government officials involve if farming around the country and his advice is sought after from far and near as he travels to many countries in and outside of  Malaysia to give talks and guidance on organic padi cultivation

 The man -outstanding in His field!

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