Wednesday, February 01, 2017

SRI LOVELY going Global.

SRI LOVELY Organic Farm is now going global and thus far many has come from far and near to share the knowledge of Organic Rice growing techniques that absolutely refuses to use any form of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. From the US, France, Japan, Australia and many from other states in Malaysia has turned up to share this place and what it has to offer.

Young coconuts are a treat to foreigners some who has never seen alive coconut tree before.

 We live together on this Planet nd are concern over how it is slowly being  abused is ways that we often are not even aware of or do not really care a hoot about so long as we get our products delivered. What we eat and what we drink  is often take for granted and at the end of the day we complain of this or that ailment and wonder how we got to the point.

The Farm itself is slowly growing in size and activity with well wishers investing their money to build more lodging. People are becoming mre and more aware of the need for such places to be preserved and put to use as an educational ground for the younger generation. 

Here the young and old get to share thoughts and ideas about life in general other than just growing food. A community is slowly growing centered upon understandig what nature has to offer and how we can help to keep it pure and not corrupted by modern technology quick fixes with the use of synthetic  materials.

 Learning to respect between young and old becomes part of the living day to day. Here people are encouraged to speak out and express their thoughts and feelings about everything under the sun.

Live and learn that id the key to our existence. Learning about relationships and tolerence and having fun doing it. 

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