Friday, February 24, 2017

Adi's Hut.

 Adi's Hut.
There was a time not too long ago Adi's hut sits at the very end of the Lintang Foothills a bit further up the dirt road from the entrance to SRI LOVELY or the organi Padi farm. I used to take my morning walks from the farm up the road towards the hills and i would pass this hut and wondered. how could he? How does he lived way out here at the edge of the jungle all by himself away from the rest of society.

renovation in progress.
 One morning I came upon my friend build an extension to his Bungalow and I stopped by to chat while giving him a hand. A survivor and an independent being who chose to be a recluse and yet is well respected among the folks. No dogmas, nor philosophies no rhyme or reason but purely living life day to day with the rising sun.

A thick black soffee and some cream crackers. Our breakfast foir the day.

What could a man ask for more in life. During the fruit season Langsat and duku, rambutans and tampoi, ar found all around his home. Chickens run all over the yard eggs are readily available and to top it all more than ample supply of fresh mineral water fron the ground. Poverty is only a perception of a blind heart.

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