Tuesday, February 28, 2017

From the Hut to your Heart.2

I am sitting cross legged on a thin mattress in one of the attap huts at Sri Lovely, this is the very first hut that I had stayed in when I first stayed here in 2012. I have no pillows nor blanket and no fan to ward off mosquitoes; samsara! I created it this space and circumstances while my teeth are acting up and my head is like it is on fire.  I arrived here this afternoon together with a French couple who were visiting Georgetown for a few days. I gave them a ride back to Lentang Organic Farm. The Captain had named them Samad for the man and Rahmah for the lady, I don’t have a clue as to the French names. They thought Georgetown was a whole lot better tha Pulau Langkawi where they had spent two days prior to ending up in Georgetown.
I had met them on my last visit here a few weeks ago and I was very impressed by their diligence and dedication towards becoming an organic farmer when the finally got back to  Normandy, France. I feel like there is an awakening of condciousness among the younger generation of the world towards movning out of the grid of modern day life into a more nature oriented one. It is like more and more people are becoming nature friendly as well as getting in touch with their inner being through travelling and learning. Here they not only learn about farming but also about cross culture communication, interpersonal relationships as well as how to cope with bare necessities.
Ther more foreigners at the farm than my earlier visit including foor French citizens, two Australians and British Pakistan family, couple with three children,. This place is fast turning into an International Roadside attraction for Eco- tourism. What is Eco –Tourism? It is not just a place where one stops by and admire nature and the healthy coexistence between man and his environment, it is also where people meet people and get to know oneanother at a deeper level. Here you are force to drop all sense of ego or about one’s country of origin and learn to adapt to a minimalist lifestyle of a modern day farmer.
The Locals are swept along with the changes that is rapidly overtaking them with all these new arrivals. They have been drawn out from their shell of being shy or intimidated by the presence of foreigners to getting to learn new languages as they greet each other early in the morning and as they learn to work alongside one another. Everyone has learned how to speak Englush or at least a few of the most relevant sentences to get by. They have become used to the demands made out of them catering to the needs of their foreign guests. They have learned the joy of sharing themselves with strangers who not too long ago would be a challenge to them.

Like in the Kavin Costner Movie, “Field of Dreams”, I had told the Captain about finve years ago that IF HE KEEP AT IT AND NOT GIVE UP, PEOPLE WILL COME. It is happening and I am happy to see the Captain having a great time with Foreign guests. This is when work is no more work but an act Passion and  Loving Kindness. I enjoy being here despite my aches and pains and the discomfort of mu lodging, I still enjoy it because I feel at peace here within and without.

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