Monday, January 02, 2017


Really I have come to an end almost of sharing my life in my blogging. The Cheesse Burger Buddha is coming to an end as I am getting ready for the next phase. I am now about to launch my malay or Bahasa Malaysia version and am calling it-OTAI Kampung Selut. (Sungai Pinang, Penang). So it has been a very long and tedious journey and I am glad I can keep it updated as much as I could for the past almost 12 years and now Almost half a million hits, and not a penny richer from it...well I need not go on. But, it has been a catharsis and a great healing journey of self discovery and in knowing who you truly are before you exit this show for good. Understand my character, who am I? 
Now i will take a retreat from this dimension and move into the next which will keep me busy writing to a fellow Malay Muslim audience. It will be my New year's Resolution, before I forget what it is that I am looking for in this Life. My life has been a 'Practice' which I latter adopted the Zen Tradition of what it means to do One's Practice in life. 
Outside I am the servant to All great and small...Inside I am the Ruler of My Universe. Enter my mind at the mercy of and grace of my Lord. May he forgive me for my sins great and small, seen and unseen, done and yet to be, Let Him bear witness that there none but He is my Lord and one truly Allah-hu- Akhbar... Lord of Power and of the Creation, let it be witness unto my fellow man that I have surrendered my soul, my life and death unto Him. All these years of blogging pouring my heart out into the world, it was all in trying to make sense out of non-sense, filling up empty spaces with more positive energy and creativity than with doomsday stories and conspiracy theories, discussing life at a coffee table with Teh tarik. I am now going to make a "Leap of Faith' as another new year's resolution for me,I need to make a drastic attempt at doing less.My age is catching up with me and I am merely repeating myself if I kneed on with this Blog. Same old stories only wrapped up in different tissue. So I wish to bid you all my good readers from all over the Free World...HAVE A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Let us all to give our utmost Power and Energy from Within All of &Us...Let us all call out our Lords  our Gods our Faith from within and without to UNITE! We are the Force of Humanity! We emanate peace and justice and we decide the fate and future of this Planet we call our Home! I for one am with  you as I have done through my Blog, My ramblings, my thoughts and ideas my feelings and perceptions;'all in all it is  just another brick in the Wall!'
When you have an understanding  of who you truly are, that which was before your parents had conceived you before they even met, when you have a glimpse of who you truly are and accept and become it...the Universe becomes a Playground.Let us All together gather ourselves and set our target and shoot out our energies for LOVE and Peace throughout this Planet or ours. If not Here where? If not Now, When? Put Practice into action, lock you mind in a strong focal point of our aim...PEACE and LOVE- prevails throughout this Universe; War and Violence has no place in IT.!!
Insha'Allah! God Willing, by the Wisdom of the Buddha's Teaching and by the Yoga of Patanjali and the Perceptions of Lao Tze and Chuang Tze, in the Taoist Way. I am appealing toy all great minds that are like me looking for an answer to World Peace. Looking for a solution to humanity's slow;y drifting off its course too much to the darker side of the force. We are calling for own self destruction through the Negative use of Brute Force and Military Might. Sadly it is happening in one too many places throughout this Planet of ours. Not only at the cost of human lives alone but the desecration of the environment is beyond forgiveness, what we are capable of doing to safeguard our sense of Greed. 
Shalom! Peace be unto You! May you brighten even more with the coming year.
Till Then ....Hasta Las Vista! Sayonara! Selamat Berjumpa Lagi! 

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