Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Celebrate Life! Make it happen!

It can happen anywhere, just make it so!

What life has to offer only you have to be open to receive.

Being there at the right time and the right moment you will presented with a gift only you are present to witness. Be open and ready when it happens for the moment will never repeat itself once it has happened.
Lovwe comes in all shapes and sizes and the meeting of lovers is never predictable it just happens.
The joys of life is in being able to connect with others even if it is just for the moment. To be able to make someone feel welcome
The building of the second bridge in Penang while it was still in the initial stage captures a moment in time and history of my being.

This gentleman has been making these sweets for most of his life and is presently doing it at the Sungai Pinang Food Court still.

Look deeply into who you are through others.

Express yourself in life.

There times when we all have to wear our masks for better or worse.

Life is about relationship with others.

Sights worth seeing.