Thursday, August 17, 2017

Massaging their ills away...

Taking a journey of music, love and meditation through Enigma, an escape into the realm of spiritual music, a realm of vibration and sound a realm of emotional comfort and peace; The greatest hits of Enigma, on You Tube. The music has stopped suddenly now may due to a Network glitch, it happens all the time on this server, but... such Is, If you want a perfect service you have to learn to serve better or should I say surf better. It is appropriate as it is meant to be i could use the silence right now making this entry.
I had just return after giving three gentlemen their back or spinal column massage. Two were my friends at the fisherman's jetty and the third was my cousin brother who had a by pass recently, I give him a massage at least once a week ever since he came out of the hospital. It is my way of spiritual serving or as the Muslim calls it 'Amal Jariah' in the srvice of Allah. Then again I have taken the Bodhisatva vows as i alwus kept reminding myself every so often; my service towards humanity is healing. I cannot walk away from the suffering of others and by just being able to ease them physically is my small way of sharing my energy in order to help  by healing. I am no expert masseuse but I am getting better as i have been doing this for a few years now. Massaging has become an art and as i massage I meditate upon every move and motion with every breath and sense of feeling I untie the knots that my friends have developed and causing then discomfort. Almost all human forms is in essence the same and my fingers have become very familiar with each and ever muscle on the back of a human form from the neck on downwards, every arm and legs and those that holds up the skull,  I am healing my own form while i work on others.
I close my eyes and become Zatoichi, The Blind Swords Man working the muscles while at the same time quieting my mind through the act of concentration. When I arrive at being single minded with my actions I becomes a musician fine tuning an instrument, a mechanic working on the alignment of a car or a potter moulding his clay for the perfect pottery. For an artist it is the best way to study the human form...through feeling, Love and Compassion for those who could use it in the form of healing. As I massage i often invoke my Lord's names, As Salam. Ar Rahman, Ar Rahim in the silence of my heart and this is not only to help with the healing process but also the help in protecting my self from taking on the pains of others as i often felt in the past. Most great teachers have strongly advised against the effort of healing other if one is not equipped to, but I have taken it on for quite sometime in my life now and so I am becoming more and more acquainted with the negative effects of massaging others. I strongly believe in the fact that the hands merely become an instrument in the hands of a higher mind; if I say the Divine works through my hands it would be a tall claim but it is not too far from the truth and I would like to believe so.
"Mea culpa" fault...Enigma.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Happy Birthday Bahari!

I was invited to visit my niece Johana and her children who are leaving for the United States in a weeks time. Their eldest son Adam will be going his higher studies in Madison, Wisconsin..I was to share a little bit of my wisdom with Adam about survivng the Wisconsin Winter having lived there myself for eight years.

I last saw these kids a few years ago when i visited them in Kuwait where their father was working. I cannot remember when I last visited KL and don't care to much to either.

M y birthday present was a large Cheese and peperoni New York Pizza, my kind of Pizza.

My sister was there too and the [izza was good!

Guys, Just leave the cheese and peperoni alone!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

That empty feeling inside.

This morning I had an early call from my debt collectors wanting to meet me at my place of residence to carry out their investigation on my financial status; at least some agencies are working. And then a little later the TNB man turned up at the door to cut off my daughter's electricity supply for unpaid bills;Wahr a way to start the day after coughing up a storm all night long and not being able to have a decent sleep. Yes my mother would have said that there would be days like this had she even talked to me and so here I am trying to keep an open mind about it all and make the best out of what lies ahead. 
My mind off course has already been at it that this life is not worth living any longer as it has become a waste of time and effort, like yada!, yada! Body and mind are not in the best of health as a matter of fact and not so much due to these minor setbacks but as a whole, I find it truly indeed is a long process of decay from the day I was born. All the experiences and wisdoms gained throughout my life were just like an added insult to an injury and this longing for truth and getting to know who I am truly am journey is nothing more than a farce, a justification of a failed attempt at living a cool comfortable life like my siblings wallowing in their wealth and success in old age. It is an admission I hate to declare to myself but yes, they were right and I am wrong, my chosen path sucks! 
So, i got about an hour to go face my defeat and humiliation where i will meet my debt collectors, but before i drive there I thought I would let it all out abit so i do not loose my cool in dealing with the situation. I called the lawyer in charge of my file but no answer as I thought I might talk him into letting me make some kind of arrangement, no such luck. My daughter has paid all her electric bills on line and so the issue has been settled and TNB has jumped the gun. Still it is not a great feeling to say the least and after celebrating my 68th. birthday a few days ago it does leaves my heart with an empty feeling; have I really squandered my life away?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Wisconsin in a Bahari's nutshell.

I cannot remember when was the last time that I had visited Kuala Lumpur much less celebrated a birthday, this year I was invited to visit my sister and her family as the children were leaving for the United States to further his studies. My grand nephew, Adam will be attending the University of Wisconsin at Madison and so I am to give him a few tips on how to survive the Wisconsin folks and cold winter.  Wisconsin I told is a very beautiful country full of beautiful  down to earth folks and all it takes is to in their hearts and it will all work out for him. The Wisconsin Dells is a good place to visit at this time of the year as the family can enjoy some of the most awesome fall colors in the Midwest. A visit to Door County in the Sturgeon Bay area is also another place that the family could drive to as they were renting a car upon their arrival there. It would be the fruit picking time especially the Bing Cherry famous in the area.
Wisconsin will always be my home away from home after having spent eight years of my adult life there. I was a meat packing plant employee and attended the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay and graduating with a degree in Fine Arts. I had a very close relationship with the community and was well accepted by most who I came in contact with. There are those that I have offended in one way or another and this too was part and parcel of living life in a balance. Green Bay was my first destination when I left Malaysia sometime in 1973 and it was here that i had my awakening experiences that had prepared me to survive 21 years of my life spent in the United States. It was here that I was divorced from my first marriage and my son and it was here that I redeemed myself by putting myself through school and graduating with a degree. It was here that I discovered that I was destined to live life like a rolling stone; that life was impermanent. That change was inevitable for the better or worse, letting go is never easy but to be able to let go means one can move on and not get bogged down by any situation or circumstances.
One of the few things I learned about the life in Wisconsin is that the people live their lives doing same thing almost their entire lives especially the farmers and those who ran the taverns and bars and those who teach and lectures; the people of the community. I envy their lives as it seem so stable and without much complications, however I could not accept the stagnancy that I noticed in their lives as they grow older with not much changes in their lives. The homes, the cars , the golf clubs, the boats all grow old with them and most ending up in the garage. I also noticed how the younger generation were eager to leave at the drop of a hat and venture off far from their homes as if escaping from being imprisoned by the tedium of a small town life where beer drinking and deer hunting is one of the hype of the daily activity. As for the parents, school basketball meet, baseball and football was the center of their excitement that kept their lives fulfilled. 
The four seasons had a very strong effect on my life in Wisconsin as it dictated where or how i was living at the time especially in winter. The Wisconsin winter can be brutal with the wind chill factor dipping the temperature way below zero and to be caught without a good warm cloths on out in the open could mean a disaster. In summer I suffer from real bad sinus infections as the rag weeds were in full bloom and the wind would transport the pollen everywhere. Then again, in winter it can be the most beautiful landscape one could ever witness on any given day as the land would be snow covered for as far as the eye could see like a pure white blanket and nothing could calm one's spirit more than this. The summer months would see so much excitement with all kinds of activities at the parks and along the lake sides, Wisconsin explodes with summer where baseball and football dominates the evenings and the nights are filled with BBQs and Toga parties.
The Green Bay Packers, The Milwaukee Brewers, the Wisconsin Badgers and a host of other High school and College teams has kept the community alive all summer long and Lake Michigan is never short of fishing boats and pleasure cruisers wind surfers and kayaks. And off course the women comes alive like nowhere else in the summer months; Wisconsin is a smogasboard of sun burnt skins in tank and halter tops with cutoffs and sandals. 
I will always cherish the life I spent in Wisconsin, it was an experience that had filled me with so much food for thought and liquor to drown in.  

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Being Patient is a priceless virtue.

 Patience is one of my weaker attributes, has always been and probably incurable, will always be: I lack patience. I have been told time and again that I should have waited, persevered, allow for nature to take its course, do be in such a haste...I was a very impatient young man growing up. I most probably had missed out on many great opportunities in the course of my life by simple having lack of patience. I was once told by my Secondary School math teacher to slow down and take my time growing old. This happened when I told him that i was wasting his time and he mine as i had no hope of ever learning about maths. I had asked him if i could be excused from his class to spend my time in the Library instead, he agreed and later we had our talk where he told me to slow down. On the Lower Certificate of Examination (LCE) day, when the maths papers were handed out i simply wrote my name on it and walked out of the examination hall and the same I did when I sat for School Certificate (SC) exam. I do not look back on these events with pride, but i was a determined impatient young man growing up with no regard for the consequences of my actions.
While living in Wisconsin I went through many great changes in my life both for the better and the worse and one of the major events that changed my life was being accepted as a student at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay. I was working at a meat packing plant in downtown Milwaukee at the time and was in the process of going through a divorce; my future then was bleak and I had ran out of options. Then i was invited by my friend and neighbor Alan Hautamaki who was then working as a Councillor at the University in Green Bay. Alan told my to put my mind to better use than being a butcher and i can do this by becoming a student at the University. I told Alan that i did not qualify to join the University as my School Certificate exam was below average. He asked me what SC was and when i told him he simply said ,never heard of it. He asked me if i was willing to go through a college lifefor a few years and i told most definitely but what would do i have to to qualify. Sit for the SAT test he said. Dos this include having to sit for a math paper? Yes for sure, he said. Then forget it, I told him and explained why. 
Alan later introduced me to Dr.Amstrong a Math Professor and Councillor who listened to my stories and later became my adviser and under his tutelage i scored three test papers with 100% correct answers and thus qualified to become a University student. I spent over four years of my life as a University student; some of the best times of my life and some of the worse, but i graduated with a Fine Arts Degree. Now upon looking back i come to realize that nothing was impossible given the time and the patience to endure and persevere. My meditation practice began as an effort towards developing patience in me as opposed to the impatience i had with me that often ended with serious anger problems. It was easier to blame my issues upon others but when i was exposed to the spiritual arts such as meditation and Yoga my life took on a whole new perspective and my priorities changed for the better. As I make my entries into this Blog, I still feel the residue of my impatience nagging at me, like why am i wasting my time when I am not making a dime at doing this.
One of the lessons i learned from my Maths experience in school was that i am my own stumbling block, i place the invisible walls around me and shut off any chances of a success in my life. I learn too that i can and able to master my own destiny if and when i put my mind to it with patience and perseverance,; the walls can be knocked down and i can transcend all odds given the right mind and patience is a virtue that every man with a desire to overcome his travails must develop  a right understanding of.


Wednesday, August 09, 2017

When I get older, ..

I ask myself, what is it that makes me, Me and the answer eludes me as i could never place my finger on the very exact nature of my self satisfaction. What do I live for. What do I hope to achieve in the course of my life. All these idealistic thoughts and ideas, all these spiritual and religious justifications all these writing about the past and hopes of the future, what am I looking for. My body is slowly loosing its vigor and one ailment after another seems to happen that leaves me less and less energetic and I attribute it to old age and bad habits, but I feel much worse than just aches and pains, I feel like I am fighting a loosing battle and I don't even know what war it is that I am fighting.   guess it boils down to what have I accomplished in this life  that I can say, that's my legacy. I have done something worthwhile with my life even if I depart this life a pauper. 
On the whole, I would not claim that my life had been a waste of space and time either as i have done and been to places more than most of my fellow man and i have touched many lives of others in the most intimate as well as casual ways worth looking back at. I have made my share of mistakes and failed at many relationships but I have not regrets over my past failures not even those that had cost in my relationship with others. I look upon these broken relationships as meant to be, in many cases it was meant for me to break away from the situation or circumstances I was in. In most cases i committed betrayals and trust of my friends without much thought which ended many close relationships in a negative manner. I felt bad about my wrong doings but I also felt it was meant to be just as it was time for a change from what was. I was never meant to stay too long in one relationship nor in one place and as such I never had a home I can call my own. Tonight while walking along a corridor after having dinner with my daughter, I noticed three homeless Chinese sleeping in makeshift bed surrounded by carton boxes; it could have been me at one time not too long ago.
In a few days I will celebrate my 68th birthday in Kuala Lumpur as I am being invited to visit my niece and her family there. Her eldest son will continue his higher education in the State of Wisconsin and she most probably wants me to talk to the kid about living there as I have spent over 8 years in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In a month or two winter will be setting in and the kid better have some warms cloths as his top priority. The trip to KL will be a good change of pace for me, to get away from this city for a few days and hang out with some grand kids celebrating my birthday.  


Tuesday, August 08, 2017

The lightness of being-Enlightened.

When we are able to remove the veils of our mental formations which are the results of mental conditioning since the day we breathed the first breath on this Planet, we might catch a glimpse of the reality that is behind all these. The Buddha called it Maya, this realm that we are existing in and he had set a course towards finding the way out of this strangle hold we are being held into and attain towards freedom and liberation from the ignorance that we have been blinded with by systems and societies. he has found the for humanity the way to exit from this round of life death and rebirth. Through His teaching the Buddha has set ways and means to remove all the veils that we are trapped with and allow us to see what lies in truth for those who can see, beyond the ordinary perception of the human mental faculties.
Scientists has began to predict that the human mind has evolved and is capable of infecting the outcome of our very physical existence if and when we have mastered its potentials, we become the very creators of our own plane and dimensions or realities. What is topping man from virtually become his own creator? it is his conditioning into thinking that he alone is responsible for it all, he alone is the master of the environment and circumstances of his existence. he discard the fact that he is is in part subjected to the laws of Nature and the Universe and eh has to abide by these laws in order to become the master himself. Man has to look outside of himself and see the consequences of having broken the covenant between the inner and the outer world , that is, he has to awaken to the truth of his own inner nature and act from this position called the Dharma Position in Buddhism. From the very essence, of heart of heart, man has to become the enlightened, the living truth that is his original Buddha Nature.
The path towards Enlightenment is the key towards our liberation from the bonds of this Mayavic realm of existence and for each and every individual that has taken the step towards this journey Humanity attains a step towards its own self healing. Every individual effort in the process makes a whole lot of difference as every effort in the opposite direction towards ignorance and suffering is just as consequential. Hence in it our very purpose in life to find our own true nature by any means that we have adopted to be "Our Way", as there is no one way but there is only one goal and that is to attain towards the liberation of our souls from the bonds og ignorance. To step out of the blindness of our every day existence and walk in the lightness of being; enlightened.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Speak from my heart.

If you take some time off to listen to the Satsang talks given by Shri Mooji, you might catch a glimpse of the truth about the nature of the human mind in its down to earth daily activities as well into its deeper dimensions. This is a good step towards self discovery as Mooji is one of those contemporary teachers who is in the position to deliver us from the ignorance of the 'psychological mind.' I have been listening to Mooji for quite sometime now and from these talks I am often reminded of how far or near i am drifting away from my source or to put it more specifically, from my Dharma Position, the point from which i stand and deliver myself. Mooji Baba delivers his Satsang teaching in an open and genuine interactions between 'Guru' and disciple where one can participate in these conversations through our own understanding Through his often off the cuff humor and at the same genuine transmitting of wisdom one can find the simple truth about how our mind functions. 
In his Satsang talk of 22 of March 2014, Mooji talked about the levels of understanding for each an every individual as we confront our daily states on mind. The power of detachment from perspective of a person, a personality compared to the ability to observe  without attachment to what is being observed, witnessing without suffering or identity, with no effort required. Transcending your psychological aspect of the mind you  become detach from its influences. It is the peeling of the onion layer upon layer until there is no more layers and tears to be felt from it. What is discovered at the end of  this act is the emptiness of the doing and the beginning of being, presence, is all there is.  
There are many talks, lectures, satsangs and various other presentations on the topic of "The Human Mind', of thoughts and thinking and so forth on You Tube and these were not readily available prior to the Internet. All one has to do is plug in to learn a little more of who you are or what you comprise of. To choose to know is never a waste of time for knowledge are wings by which we fly to heaven. Knowledge however much we accumulate will be of no value if it is not put to action and action when not in sync with your original intention will only go to waste; stick to your original motive; and make it of Universal Value. We live to serve and serve to live, when we serve we are the servants of the Lord and this is the virtue of being who we are. As a Bodhisatva, my purpose of being here is to serve and not so much as being served 

“Listen to your heart and not your ego. Your ego prompts you to boast of vain assertions to obtain the glory of this world. Turn away from vanity and seek Him in the recesses of your heart and soul.” 
― Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani

Become one within and without.

Never underestimate the power of your mind and this has been the rally call of most wise ones of today albeit of the sciences, philosophy or religions. We are a species endowed with this faculty more developed than any other on this Planet and we shall honor this endowment. The mind if not fully understood and utilized in a positive, creative and productive manner can turn upon  its owner and manifest unwanted causes for sorrow and pain needlessly. Thus with the help made available by the Internet it is not an excuse for any man wise enough to read and write to be able to learn about how our thoughts or mind functions and how it can be as it should be the tool that we can change the world.
It is never too late to start believing in yourself, in who you truly are and recognizing the Divine Nature that has been imbued in you by the Universe if you feel like calling it such. some cal it God, While other Brahma and I call Him Allah - or the Lord of the Universe. Without this strong belief or faith in the Higher Nature, it is easy for one to stray being led by the egoic nature inherent in all of us. Just as the Planet we call home is nor than the size of an atom when viewed from far off outer space how much smaller are we as individuals in the scheme of things. However collectively the human mind has the ability to move mountains and even affect the movement of the planets. It is in our power to do so if only we know how to harness this unique ability in all of us and point it in single pointedness towards achieving the impossible just as we have set man on the moon.  
It was not NASA alone that had landed man on the moon, it was the the collective desire of humanity itself that had made it possible. Just Marvel's Captain America is not the fruit of Stan Lee or Rip Kirby's endeavor alone to become a blockbuster movie, it is the collective creative consciousness of the whole of the comic and motion picture industries along with the entire comic readers and movie goers all over the globe. We as a whole make things happen, we help to cheer along all the productive and creative spirit of humanity. Just we cheer our favorite soccer teams and olympic athletes so we can collectively raise our consciousness towards healing ourselves and our planet. If nothing else, it gives us our sense of purpose in life and what have we got to loose by being aware, mindful and conscious about our very existence in relationship to the collective whole.
In order to be able to achieve this level of understanding one has to start by understanding one's own inner being, the workings of one's own body and mind and the ability to distinguish the difference between the true self or spirit and the ego. The more one realizes one's own divine nature the stronger one becomes connected to the whole; as one is the Whole. As J. Krishnamurti pointed out, " You are the World." 

“You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it. That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing, and dance, and write poems, and suffer, and understand, for all that is life.” 
J. Krishnamurti.


Saturday, August 05, 2017

Truth is the thing that you look for when you run out of lies.

There are levels of understanding for each individual. How deep or how shallow, how far or how near is a matter of     accumulated knowledge cum wisdom. The lifetime of eclectic choices of myriads of experiences. the analytical scrutiny of what is the truth behind each and every experience, in contemplative as well as meditative practice; i try to untangle the tangle. Not too many would have the true meaning of my words but those who do will understand why I am doing this; sharing my self, my thoughts and my conscience. I seek for the Peace within, I seek for the Love of the Universe and the ability to justify myself to the best of my ability  in the form of my Blogging. I write to myself, to remind myself and to warn myself, it is my way of a catharsis. There is a whole lot of Love out there I know especially when i surf the Internet, there is a whole lot of Positivity manifesting in humanity. We are not a lost specie just just and the Planet will survive as we start to care more for ir.
I hope to help create a sense of Universal Consciousness that will be united in making a solemn oath to saving ourselves and the Planet. I can only start with myself and hopefully find one or two along the way with this sharing. I will call it The Great Silence Way or the Way of the Great Silence, whichever sounds better. The essence of this Way is to harness as much energy possible from all around the globe focused towards the attainment of Peace and Love on this Planet among all its beings. To develop Compassion towards all Sentient beings and become aware and 
become a warden of this Planet ensuring its survival. It will be in Silence that we act; Collectively. No one has to know your intentions, but everyone will benefit from it. The power of the human mind has yet to be understood by science and even religion, but by right understanding of its nature man can exert his presence upon any given situation and help to bring Love, Joy and Peace to his or her fellow humans

.We have to walk in a way that we only print peace and serenity on the Earth. Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.. ...Thich Naht Hahn

Friday, August 04, 2017

Justifications is not an excuse.

To understand who I truly am I have to stop justifying, not even to myself all the truth that is who I truly am. And when I keep quoting the Buddha of what right and wrong is in my past still holds true in my consciousness; "right and wrong is a sickness of my own mined." 
"A man who justifies, does not convince.
Not even to himself.!" Lao Tzu said.
Am I trying too hard to imitate the bygone Masters? Perhaps i am and not doing to good at it. I am still burrowed into this dichotomy of right and wrong, good and bad and so forth. I keep reminding myself  of who I am, I shake my body and rattle my bones to stay awake and alive in every situation and every moment in time. I am to say the least ;adrift. While having some sense of understanding of the nature of attachment  Having a glimpse of the nature of consciousness and the dual thinking mind itself, I am still often adrift down the river like all else around me; am i ever going to be able to cross this river and attain liberation or am i no more than another piece of drifting flotsam of the ocean of consciousness, when will I ever feel the freedom that is being who i truly am; awakened forever amidst the ocean of Maya.
Listening to Anoushka Shankar' " Land of Gold" full album on You Tube.  Life is much more than sitting and making excuses for my self why or why not, It could have or not, I try to live from moment to moment with every breath I take i know i getting nearer to the grave; i have to make very breath of mine counts like raindrops falling from the sky to nourish the thirst of humanity. The rain that showers eacj and every soul on this planet with a touch of the Divine Love and Compassion, manifested through me in my form of presentation as an artist and a writer. As a friend and partner in life to all those whose life I have touched for better or for worse. I am again making a justification for my existence as who I have since become. 
" May your kind heart find the Land of Gold...Tell them I walked your Way." ...Land Of Gold, Anoushka Shankar, You Tube. 
I am a Bodhisatva as I sworn to be and in the lineage of the Bodhisatva Manjushri, The Bodhisatva of Infinite Wisdom. I made my salutations and took my vows before the Altar of the Great Guru Rinpoce, I took the vow to live my life as a Bodhisatva and i did this three consecutive Full Moon Ceremony at The green Dragon Temple, of the Green Gulch Center on Star Route 1, Sau Sausalito, Marin County, California.  
Careful with what you make your vows on! The Universe in its infinite Wisdom watches every thought you think and calibrate your standing accordingly. With the understanding of its virtues, I have to live my life for others, in servitude in my own ways and by skillful means.  The truth is that i very often forgot my vows made and live my life as though I deserve all its comforts and pain. IIII...I...I become immersed or sucked into this what we call life and not fully anchored in my practice i am drifting  Floating down the stream to Sitar music fo one of The contemporary Masters like her father the Late Ravi Shankar. This to me is immortality, leaving behind a legacy that some will follow by. Everything i dream of thought of envisioned in my life i see them materializing before my eyes: I have to make the  Right Choice and it is for the benefit of all Santient beings. in the six realms, the ten directions, past present and future; may they awaken even if for a moment. May they become more aware of their true nature and develop greater understanding how great a role each man plays in the Whole Scheme of Things that we call Life.
Who or what a Boddhisatva is, you can always Google it and perhaps comes to your own slice of understanding.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Jerejak -3

If there is any conservation that aught to be looked into seriously on Jerejak it is the remnants of what used to be the living quarters of the former employees of the prison system there.

These dilapidated buildings hidden back from the main path and almost engulfed by thick foliage may seem a sore eye to most but to those with an eye for the natural aesthetic beauty that is man made and nature in synchronicity will find this spot worth their time and money.
The Japanese society took great pride in the preservation of such similar sites in Japan, such as old and broken down temples or farm huts with its natural surroundings, protecting such photogenic sitse from man dire need to 'development'.

What can be done with this site is to create a walkway for an easy and safe excess for tourists or visitors alike. This path may include a sand path and stones or pebbles path for the therapeutic meditation which alot of people seek in this day and age. Aesthetically and environmental friendly fencing.(bamboo), can be installed to keep people from wandering into the buildings and so forth. Provide all the pertinent infos including the historical, flora and fauna and the aesthetic values of the site at the entrance, this is very important as it should set the mood for the walk.

Or, of course you could bulldoze it all to the ground and build another SPA facility or a cafe. 'tepok dada tanya selera', it is all in who has the say off course after all money talks, bullshit walks, if there is money to be made by development why not. Who gives a hoot about preservation or heritage conservation of some old broken down buildings in the mosquito infested nowhere section of Pulau Jerejak.

Selling coal in Newcastle as the saying goes is what will be the outcome when you upgrade the Island environment and in the process destroying it ecosystems and environment and replace it with what is available everywhere else like an added SPS or swimming pool etc. The asset of this island is its natural beauty and the government and all those with vested interest should dwell into this matter with conservation and preservation in mind, at the end of the day Insha"Allah it will be what makes the money.

Old houses that have been left to nature to are like old bonsai or rock gardens in their sense of beauty. The scene in itself can evoke a sense of 'Aware" as the Japanese or Sabi and Wabi sense of the aesthetic. Nostalgic, the sense of impermanence in life,like viewing the autumn leaves or the fall of Sakura petals to the ground. Most of our children have or will never feel this is we keep getting rid of our natural landscapes.

The Malays are (were?) very sensitive to the spiritual context of nature just like the Japanese and most other Asian cultures, sites like these evokes more than mere natural beauties it preserves their sense of 'awesomeness in nature'. Spirits dwell in these kind of environments for them, and in our modern day society these are about the last sanctuaries left for these spirits to exist as man encroaches more and more into their domains.

Heritage preservation is not merely the preservation of old buildings made new but also that which is decadent through time bearing a wealth of historical as well as cultural investments. They preserve as testimonials towards the relationship between man an environment physically as well as spiritually.

To Those who are artistically inclined these sites are a source of knowledge in their search for artistic expression. For nature lovers the flora and fauna surrounding the area is a gold mine.
Penang island itself is slowly but surely running out of such spaces due to development or privately owned thus depriving excess to the general public, it is imperative that such sites should be placed among the sites that we strive to conserve for the future generation.

Pulau Jerejak - 2

The Catamaran at sunrise - 2005 -2006

To get to the Jerejak Island one has to take a short ferry ride or what used to be a catamaran, perhaps still is in use. My job was to make sure everyone bought a ticket and board the ferry to and fro. I was also responsible for making sure that daily run of the terminal runs smoothly and kept in pristine state pleasing to look at upon approach. In essence it was what to most would b boring job of sitting around for things to happen and so i decided as i always do; to make things happen. I took over the maintenance of the surrounding yard and personally tended to the garden. I used to collect all the flotsam that washed up along the beach making it my practice as soon as i arrived for work, which actually was one or two hours earlier than the normal working hours. This i did primarily because I enjoyed my morning walks in the dark towards the terminal through undeveloped landscape of bushes and hardly visible paths. it was my intention to meditate and chant as i walked toward the terminal before the sunrise and walk to the very end of the jetty and sit on top of the tie-up pillars of the ferry and waited for the sunrise.
Distant view of the Jerejak Island from the ferry terminal.

I have witnessed the shift of the sun rising from one end of the horizon practically to the other over the long period of time doing this and I sat listening to the water splashing against the pillars of the pier below me. Located what is known as Batu Uban, the terminal was considered to be located in an area of high spiritual activities especially being directly opposite to the Island. my walks and sitting was aimed at highlighting my 'my fear factor'. Fear of the dark and fear of the unseen in the dark. Through this practice i became more and more aware of my surrounding and how to affect it in the most positive ways. Hundreds of visitors passed through the terminal every day when i was running the place as i saw an opportunity and utilized it making not only good money but also helping to introduce the resort to the rest of the country.
The terminal office structure at Batu Udan in Penang.. 2005

Pulau Jerejak - 1

When I woke up this morning it was from a dream that pleasing both spiritually as well as in the physical sense; cannot remeber what it was all about but I felt the outcome and was elated. I did my sitting  which followed with my prayers and then my Yoga stretching exsercises which flowed out naturally from within- hardly any resistence. The daylight ouside my living room window displayed an overcast sky with cool wind blowing through the house and i tried to wake up my daughter as her alrm war ringing but to no avail as she crwled deeper into her blanket.
Making myself a cup of coffee I turned to the computer and picked out a soft music to listen to while i make my entry for the day which i really have no idea what or how it will turn out to be. The tune I a listening to happens to be, "In the Mood for Love," by Shigeru Umebayashi; never heard of before but the violin sounds awesome and i am waltzing in my head, not bad for starters this morning. Outside the wind had died down and the skies are befogging to clear- no rain, false flag. As i gazed out towards the horizon I realized that I could see the sea and the island of Jerejak where i used to work for three years as the ferry terminal supervisor serving the Jerejak Resort and Spa facility on the island. The resort is still up and running but i have no idea who owns it now or how it is faring business-wise today. 
My two odd years working for the resort was as eventful as most of my past jobs had been and when I left i swore never to work for anyone anymore. One of the characters that got to me was the resort manager who had the ego of the son of the former chief of police in Penang and had spent a part of his life being educated in Chicago, in the US. he was a drunk pretty much most of the time i was working under him and handled the place like he owned it. He was aggressive and obnoxious towards most of the resort staff including myself and the staff being Malay Muslims, his drinking and swearing habit did not went too well with them and so one can see back then how the place beautiful as it was almost went under. But when you are the son of the former Chief of Police and you got strong connections, you cannot do wrong even if your actions brought negative effects on the business. This i found to be the general fate of most Malay owned businesses; accountability is cast to the winds and ego rules the day. 
Jerejak Island or better known in Malay as Pulau Jerejak was at one time a penal colony, a  transit location for Indian and Chinese migrants who aarived from their respective contries brought over by the British East India Company to work in the Rubber Plantaitons and Tin mines primarily. here they were processed and reocated to various parts of the then Malay Peninsular. It was also an intern camp for Japanese prisoners during World War 2 and many heads were lost to the samurai blades during the occupation. Later it became a part of the leprosy colony where the old buildings still stands today as reminders of the times. It was a prison camp where politican dissidents and drug addicts were held for a time and most famously as known among the locals it was where Jins and various other evil spirits even bad luck were discarded or banished to by the Shamans, the dukuns and the bomohs. Hence Pulau Jerejak had a nasty history as an island.  

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

HaFishing - 10

What kind of fish is a Halibut?
Upon asking my daughter this question she said it a cross between a Helicopter and a boat said with a British accent; .a Heli-bot fish. She actually has no idea what kind of fish it and neither does most people I talked to on the subject.
Halibuts are bottom feeding flatfish usually found in cold waters and are capable of growing to over seven feet to eight in length and can weigh up to 500 pounds. among the largest caught in the Aleutian waters and according to You Tube, weigh more than 400lbs. Maybe there re larger ones caught that I am not aware of but I am pretty sure that the figures i am assuming are not too far off the fact. In appearance they are not the best looking fish to look at,they are odd looking fish as their eyes are located on the same side  like at the top of the head. The body is green at the top portion and pure white at the bottom and they swim not like a normal fish but more or less horizontally with a motion lik e a mermaid or a diver with a pair of large flippers with both feet a pushing at the same time. For facts on this fish just Google it.
The largest fish that was brought aboard the iceland measured 7' 6" in length and weighed 450lbs dubbed by the Skipper as 'Big Bertha'
which was caught in the middle of the night. As she was raised to the surface of the ocean she looked like a sea monster rising from the deep. I was a strange thing that such big fish rarely if not ever put up a fight being pulled to the surface, it was as though they were stunned or in shock. Once on board in five minutes they start to like wake up and flip flop on the deck and we were told to stroke their bellies to quiet them down. The average size that were caught mostly weighed somewhere between 80 to 120 pounds and it was, perhaps still is against the law to catch anything less than 32inches. Hence these small fishes caught ends up immediately into the frying pan to avoid being arrested having them on board.


Monday, July 31, 2017

Halibut Fishing - 9

" In 1975 it took a 128-day season for e relatively small number of fishermen to catch the quota set by the International Pacific Halibut Commission. Last year the longline fishermen hauled in the allotted 20 million pounds - four fifths of the North American halibut catch - in less than two weeks. 
This year the season in Southeast Alaska was over in 41/2 days. And wit a total fleet of 3,568 licensed vessels, It didn't much longer
elsewhere. " It is a ridiculous way to run a fishery, says Branson. " To take a very good resource that really is available to be fished year - round and catch it in a week is dumb."
From - The Anchorage Times dated, Sunday, June 27, 1982.
(I still have the original article in my journal).

From my journal entry - June 13th. 1982 - Volcano Cove.

The Fishermen's Talk. (For the fishermen's ears).

"Goddamn Cock sucking - mother fucking, son of a bitch, what else can happen to this old bitch of a tub!!"
" Get the fire extinguishers! God! Shit! There's fire down there in the hole!"
" No fucking fish fish! Not even the Irish Lord - No Cods - Nothing!"
"Goddamnit! The engine starting up again!(own its own after the fire  incident and everyone is sitting around in the galley).
"" How? Where? What?! Turn something off for Chrissakes before we fuck up the starter -cut the Goddamn wires! Do something!"
"Do you think the old tub is haunted, Rob?"
" Shit I know it is!"
" JR, it says here in the medical manual that if you are stung by an Irish Lord and your pecker does not stand erect for a certain amount of time like the rest of your body -stiff -you've had it - it will never stand up again!"
" Oh Shit! What do I tell my girlfriends down south?"
" Buy them fucking vibrating dildos for XMas!"
"Is there enough food to last for the next few weeks, guys?"
" Shit we got all the halibut and the salmon baits, if nothing else!"

Yea Iceland!

Her engine roars as music to the ears! (at last.).
Look out halibuts, here we come!
Weigh her anchor and lets get the hell out of here!
Goddamnit she's puking her bilge too!
Thank you Makushin bay for your calm sea and sunshine weather and we had our good day's rest, ( we took what we can) and we got to know the tub better inside out.
Goddamn Paul Martinez wherever you are, ( designed and built the iceland). She will float yet!
A fishing we will go...a fishing we will go...Hey -O a tally -O, a fishing we will go!
                             June 14th. 1982 -Makushin Bay, Ak.

Thte 'Deck Boss' Rob Sergei from Green
Bay, Wisconsin.

JR's Peanut Butter and jelly withdrawal.


Sunday, July 30, 2017

What you do when you can't sleep.

Since I have problem of sleeping this morning after i had finished making my last entry which ended at 3am, I sat in meditation on my bed until the 'azan' or call to prayer came out loud from the State Mosque not too far from my apartment. I have been having nasty headaches lately possibly from my high blood pressure and the heat. So sitting helps me to attain some form of control over these physical discomforts, like managing my breathing and sending messages to my brain cells to behave accordingly if they wish to continue on existing in this form. I also try to affect a good balance within and without of the five elements so that not one over excel the others, like too much heat or too much water or too much earth . or too much wind, (which I discover is becoming the major issue lately). Then there is the never ending problem of too much thinking, the excessive amount of informations, mostly useless and unrelated, that passes through my mind like there is no end to it; meditation helps to bring this problem to a manageable level; insanity is not an option.
I also decided to drink me half a glass of milk and dunked a piece of chocolate cookie with it as part of the reason i am having problem falling asleep is because I am hungry. So far,as I am writing it helps. The migraine is receding and the mind is wide awake. Three days agao I had landed myself on the hospital bed with a very severe case of food poisoning or an allergic reaction to too many bad combinations of intakes which included two large slices of 'Durian', a glass of Guinness Stout, an anti acid medication called Gaviscon and some other that i lost track of. My stomach was like a cauldron burning sweat out of the body at an alarming rate and the pain was excruciating until I almost blacked out in the toilet after attempting to puke it all out. This all happened at about four in the morning and went on till I could not take it anymore and called my friend Ah Huat to take me to the hospital. Together with my daughter I went to the emergency ward driven by Ah Boon, one of Ah Huat's men.
Why I had called Ah Huat was because I know he would have no qualms about making sure that i would get to the hospital with no prejudgment like any one of my relatives would had i called them. Perhaps it is my bad that i had judged them even before i tried, but I trust my own instinct from long time of experience and understanding; I am a watcher of human behavior and personalities, I have made it my practice out of habit. I may not be right all the time  but close enough. My fear was that i was having a heart attack at the time it happened but it took too long and so I had no choice but to go to the hospital, which happens to be a walking distance from where i am except you have to cross a four lane traffic which you do not make a habit of in Penang.
I was laid out with drips and injections and later in the evening released with some medication. What surprised me was that it was all free including the medications. Taking a taxi home cost more than anything else throughout the day. Such is life and it is most probably the same all over the world happening everyone at one time or another till the 'big one' hits and; the end. 
Morning has broken outside my window with the view of the State Mosque minaret and fancy roof . The haze is still very much alive..

Halibut Fishing -8

"The Aleutians are the world's longest Archipelago of small islands. The western most island,Attu, though part of the North American continental shelf, was the only inhabited American in the Eastern hemisphere. From here it is five times zones back to the Alaskan capital, Juneau (about the same distance as that between Atlanta and San Diego). 
At the Bering Straits, Alaska and Siberia by a scant 57 miles of ocean. From Anchorage to the far end of the chain is almost 2000 miles. There are more than one hundred islands.
The Tropical Japanese current merges from the south with the cold dry Siberian air mass over the Aleutian Chain. Although the warm current kept the ocean ice free the year round, the clashes of forces creates the world's worse weather. It is perhaps the only place on earth where high winds and thick fog attack simultaneously- round -the clock. Aleutian gales sometimes reached 140 mph; yet most of the island has no more than eight or ten clear days a year. There is no calm or dry season." 
Adapted from " The thousand Mile War" by Brian Garfield.

The Second Round (From my Journal)

With a load of Humpies(Salmon heads for baits?) off the FV Sparrow Castle, we left Sandpoint - loaded too with ice and rations- our destination was Dutch Harbor. It was a grueling 30 hours of tossing and rolling through gale conditions and somewhere along the Unimak Pass I realized that being at the bridge in a tossing sea can be a harrowing experience, especially find in the nick of time that a huge ship is hardly a few hundred yards away from you - and is headed in your direction....What do I do?! Wake up the skipper!...
This was one of my worse nightmares while awake and somewhere in my Blog I had written a detail description of what really happened that miserable night and i think I titled the post as "The Ghost Ship of Unimak Pass," If you click on the search button you might be able to read about it as i am not about to rewrite the whole experience again.
I was never a fisherman and i found it out in th worse possible ways as i was seasick almost the entire trip. The ceaseless motion of the boat being thrown about by gale winds kept me throwing up and confined to my bunk. There times when I felt that there was nothing left in my stomach but yellow bile, bitter to the taste and that my head was about to split in two. As Phil Roe my fellow crew member remarked, I could not made up my mind which way to let it all out in the outhouse! I was so close to loosing my sanity as i was totally out of it with pain and agony, it was worse than being sick with Malaria which I experienced when I was a teenager; maybe not, Malaria was bad. However with Malaria you at least have bed to crawl to but not on a fishing boat that was being constantly battered by huge waves.
Having survived the fishing trip in the Bering sea was something I could never forget and would never want to repeat again. I fulfilled my wish to experience a life out in the open seas and my trip to Alaska was like a buoy tossing around in my lifetime of experiences. It is sad that most of my drawings and pictures taken of my trip have been missing or misplace over the years, but in mind's eye the experiences lives like they had happened yesterday. Painful as it was there times that i enjoyed being in the moment in time watching a Bald Eagle snatch a huge salmon out of the water or a walrus rising out of the blue almost knocking me overboard form being surprised, or a small  puffin diving back and forth underneath the belly of the Iceland and all thes happened while everyone else was in their bunks sleeping. These were moments when I felt my Lord watching over me, that despite the suffering there were gifts that words could never do justice to.
I was never paid a single cent of the catch but for me it was a free  rough ride with food and lodging paid for. For me it was the experience itself that was worth the whole trip, That i was there and did that.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Halibut Fishing 7

Most of the homes  built in Sand Point were makeshifts shacks and trailer homes that were shipped from the lower 49, especially from Seattle, Washington. These homes were mostly heated by kerosene or oil heaters in the winter months. The more permanent built homes are found along the main road of the town and the road stretches nine miles  starting from the 'Spit' area of the Airport and ends at the 'Dock' where the fish processing plants and boat loading  facilities is found. The main mode of transportation a was pickup trucks and three wheelers 'motorcycles' which just about every young adult in town owned one and was the most handy way to move around.
My first ride on a three wheeler.

Getting better  and little cocky.

Loosing control of things.

There was one Grocery store, one post office and one policeman and it is commonly known as a 'one horse town'. There was also one Bar and one Restaurant and a can of beer can cost 4US dollars depending on the availability. The Aleuts were heavy drinkers as this was just about all the excitement they had during the off fishing seasons or the rough winter months. Regular fights would erupt between the locals and the fishermen who came from the lower states to fish. During the fishing months the population of the town would triple and when it was all over only the locals would remain and even then most having earned a good income from the fishing would take long vacations to the lower states especially Hawaii in order to escape from the cold winter stretch. 
Sand Point I was told was one of the most wealthiest town per capita in the world due to its fishing industry and as more and more vessels are involved in this industry equipped with a more sophisticated  technology for fishing, the local government is in tight control over the amount of fishing that can be done per year. Each year the government handed out quotas for the overall amount of fish and crabs such that it will not totally deplete the the ocean of its fish. I wonder how Sand Point has grown now since i last was there in 1982, but I am sure a whole lot have changed for the better.

My crude map of the Pacific Northwest.


Halibut Fishing 6

Not too far from the harbor laid the "Bone yard". where old discarded boats are laid to rest. Replaced by newer and better boats these wrecks were reminders to the owners of their humble beginnings.

Looking out from the window of the 'Windward cafe' one had a great vista of the open sea, the mountains and the coves. In the distant sitting on top of it all was Cletus Brown's humble palace by the sea.

A poor rendition of the Iceland with a mural painting I did on her side. She used to be a 95 footer shrimp boat but with the  end of shrimp fishing a few years ago, the iceland was shorten by 30 feet leaving her 65 feet in length. 

The Stevens was an unfortunate vessel that had caught fire while at sea and i watched her being towed back to the Spit. 

This small aircraft did not make it while landing as the gale force winds that sometimes rises out of the blue lifted it  up and brought it down on its belly.Accidents like these were a common occurrence as the weather out in the Bering is considered to be one of the most rough and unpredictable in the world. 

Halibut Fishing 5

My time spent in Sand Point , Alaska after my halibut fishing debut was like a fairy tale of an adventure for someone who had nothing left to live for in life as there was nothing I had worth counting on as i ran out of money and options except that I believed in myself, I trusted the fact that it was not the time for me to die there out in the freezing Tundra environment and if it was, I was prepared for it, but I knew I had tried, being there was my triumph. I made it to a place on the earth where not many of my own people could only dream of and i lived there among the native and participated in their daily lives. I was accepted by the Aleuts as well as the residents who settled up there from the lower 48s. 
I flew around in a Cessna plane belonging to a friend Dwight Blackburn who was a bush pilot and sometimes flew to and from Anchorage. On one of his flights Dwight handed me to fly the plane which really made my day as we flew over the snow covered mountains and the vast green ocean below me. I felt the freedom of flight and as we flew around a volcano that was spewing out mud colored clouds of smoke it raised the hair on my neck and chilled my spine, it was an indescribable experience. I flew on a few delivery trips with Dwight where he had to deliver food and liquor to the scattered islands of Aleut community. These beer runs as it was called was quite thrilling to say the least as there was no runways to land and take off except for short roads almost a straight path out there which only th bush pilot can find and make his landing. These trips with my friend the bush pilot were a priceless experience as I got to see the Aleutian Chain from the skies like a seagull. And for me who had arrived on the island with not a cent on me it was short of a miracle.
Cletus Brown who was originally from the South and was married to and Aleut lady and they had two girls. Cletus and i became very close friends and spent allot of time on top of the roof of his new house built at the edge of the land mass overlooking the sea in three directions. We spent our days most of the time either drunk or stoned while nailing shingles on his roof. Often enough as i stood there on top of the roof and looking around me at the far of mountains and open seas sometimes calm and sometimes rough I kept asking myself if I was in a dream, just being there; on top of the world. One clear evening while we were shooting the breeze about his wife and kids a rainbow in all its glory struck right down at where we were, perhaps i was standing on top of my pot of gold at that moment; it was my rainbow's end. I felt the shower of colored lights all over me and I dare say that I felt the presence of my Lord in all His glory. As I felt my tears escaped from my eyes, Cletus nudged me and whispered, " You have earned it by being here Sam."
"Here we are Cletus, on top of the world, pounding shakes on your roof, what do you think of it?"
" I think we should have a porch up here...but my wife will would have nothing to do with it!"


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I have my ways you have yours.

Just saw the latest Spider Man Movie with my daughter and treated her to dinner as it was her two days off from work. Earlier in the morning I left the house with an empty wallet and as i left i told my daughter i was going to work and make some money. I made my way to the Auto Air conditioning Shop and as i arrived my friend Ah Huat, with a big smile on his face handed me an 'angpow' or chinese red envelop usually containing ,money.  Remember the numbers you gave me? I placed a bet on it and made RM900.The four digit number i told him to bet on was 1777 but instead it came up 7771 and fortunately Ah Huat had played the numbers around and so ended up still with the amount. I do not understand much about four digit numbers betting but had he betted the exact numbers he would have made a bundle on it depending on how much he betted.
The numbers came up when my friend the security guard at our apartment who happened to be a close friend from his former job as a driver for my cousin's catering business told me he saw these numbers on several cars earlier in the day and told me to play it, As i was driving around i too saw a couple of cars with the same numbers and thought it strange and so told my friend Ah Huat about it not thinking that he would take me seriously but he did and so I ended up with RM100 plus a few other gifts. Later in the evening i decided to cheer up my daughter by treating her to the movie. The moral of this mundane story is off course to believe in yourself, that the Universe or God whatever your faith lies in, will provide and sometimes in ways we least expect.
I raise my hat to all who have raised their children according to their faith and belief especially my Muslim family relatives and friends  As for me having drifted far from being religious all i tell my children is to be good, to do good and they will have to discover for themselves where or what their religious believe may be in time; I have no right to impose my faith and believe upon them, nor would I want to. All four of my children are intelligent and well educated adults and if they happen to read my Blog they would perhaps understand that their father in his odd ways is a Muslim at heart. He may not be a 'good' Muslim as most claim themselves to be, still between The All Mighty and himself, there is no Gods only Allah.
How I practice my faith is between me and my Maker, only He is my Judge, Jury and Executioner. In my spiritual belief and practice I do not fell the need to justify to any man divine or otherwise. I answer to my Lord as I see Him in my heart with every breath I take; He is closer to me than myself. I do not say these just as an excuse but it is the only truth I hold to be true as a;; e;se to me is just mind created illusions. I hold Islam to be the true religion and the teachings of the Prophet of Allah to be impeccable simply because it makes a whole lot of sense. As for my fellow Muslims I hold my mind in silence, no comments. They have their ways and I  have mine; judge me not for you have no idea of who I am. As for those that have been pointing their fingers at in judgement and accusation, i ask them to be aware that their four remaining fingers are pointing right back at them. 
 The Buddha taught of Compassion and Forgiveness and Jesus taught of Love Understanding while the Prophet raised the Banner of Islam upon Unity and Principles, this is my understanding of the teachings of the ancients.There is only One in truth, not two but just One... the I really is non existent; for if the I exist and the Creator exist there is two and this is not possible. That which reside within me, that had existed withing even before I was conceived is the essence of the One and upon death this is returned to the Rightful Owner to become One, Upon His demise or His pari Nirvana, the Lord Buddha uttered His last few words..." I am no more." "Unto Thy hands I command my Spirit!" Jesus was said to have uttered in his last breath.
This is ultimately the letting go of the egoic self, that which the mind has deluded itself with to think, this is who I am. In our ignorance we have most of us paraded upon this earth thinking we are better than others, holier than others, more closer to God than others more sacred in belief and faith than others and God is on our side. To know thyself is not an enactment exclusive to any single religion, it is a Universal Epitaph.   

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Or so it was written.

The ability to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong is the foundation of all religions and it is this principle that that those who believe in them lives by For generations since the first Man ate that which was forbidden he unleashed the 'Dual thinking mind', the feeling of guilt and shame was was man's first taste of what suffering is. What great difference we have from the angels of God is that we are given free will and with it the freedom to choose beteen what is black and what is white. We each of us make our own choices and suffer our own consequences and not all wrong choices are bad choices. In order that we may know that fire burns we have to experience it, this is the reality that human the mind operates by. This personal encounter with fire is real and it burns is real and it causes pain is real.
Consciousness encomapsses all, the experience, the observation, the memories and lessons learned are just the by product of this reality. By not attaching one's self to these experiences, by letting it all go as soon as the experience is tasted, is one way not to be influenced by the phenomena that manifested. Every moment of experience, every event, every presence is duly noted and stored or filed away in the subconscious to be dealt with at appropriate time and space. This is the way of the self seeker, the one whose mission in life is to investigate and identify the true self from the imaginary one; the mind created illusion. Only to man was the power of reasoning accorded by God,the power to Be as he should be; an entity created by the Will of God, with His own imge and manifesting His ninety nine attributes Starting with Love and Compassion and ending with Patience. God;s attributes includes the Beneficent and the Wrathful. Man is imbued with these attributes in him and throughout his life he is to manifest mush of His positive attribute as he can; to be like God. Human consciousness stem from  the realization of who he truly is; that he is the ultimate Creation that God had done. He has put His breath in every single man women and child and He has given us the freedom of choice. We can choose to live like God or lost in a world of mental formations a 'mind created' mirage that we accept as our life; we have to awaken and stay awake as much as possible.
The Creator, He Who Created Life is the owner and at the end of the day we will all say adieu to the audience and return to the Owner. The role that we adopted throughout our lives defines who we are. How we carry out our daily affairs manifesting His virtues albeit being Compassionate and Loving, being  or being Patient and Understanding. When His attributes are being manifested, we are reminded Him, The Lord and Creator of all that is.and...
"He said Be, and it Is."  


Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Haze is Back

The haze is back with a vengeance and one can hardly see the horizon as it covers the distant hills like a thick blanket even on a windy day like today. The Indonesians are happy burning away their forests to make way for one cash crop or another which most likely would be Oil Palm. This has been going on for the past few years now and one wonders if it will ever end and how much vegetation has been destroyed in the process not to mention the wild life that inhabits these areas. Stepping outside of the house gives me a nasty headache and i pity those with breathing health issues. 
Causes. The fires are caused by firms and farmers engaging in illegal slash-and-burn practices as a relatively inexpensive means to clear their land of unwanted vegetation and peat. Sumatra and Kalimantan possess large areas of peatland, which is highly combustible during dry season....Wikipedia.
Such is, all for the money an there is little that can be done about it as money makes the world goes round and for some it is a matter of survival while for others it is in increasing the profit margin. So while the majority of the west coast states bear the brunt of the haze fall out, the large companies keeps investing in these areas to expand their plantations. There will come a day when we will run short of food but not oil to cook it with. Complaining about the issues will only fall on deaf ears and so we learn to live with our own follies till it becomes a catastrophe, another man made disaster.