Thursday, December 01, 2016

The 'Unity of One'

In the Heart Sutra of the Buddha, the Maha prjna paramita Hridaya Sutra, the Buddha expounded the whole state of our human existence as being empty. Form is emptiness and emptiness is form and that which is form, is emptiness and that which is emptiness, is form and the same is true of feelings, impulses, consciousness and so forth...all the five skandas, (senses) are empty of their own eyes no nose no ears and so on. Science today has proven the same truth in the fact that all matter is made up of atoms and molecules held together according to their rate of vibrations and the influences of gravity around it. 
"This is a state of bringing oneself to nothingness, of disappearing in the Essence of Allah. It is to empty one's being of everything which is for one's being and to empty one's heart of everything but His Love. Then theat heart becomes worthy to receive the promise of Allah, "I do not fit intoMy heavens nor my earths, but i fit into the heart of my faithful servant.'" from The Secret of Screts by Sheikh Qadir Al-Jilani.
In Islam to bring one's self in a state of emptiness is called 'Fana' the annihilation of one's state of being-ness, the removal of the ego from one's being at a lower level and to attain to self annihilation at the highest level and thus become one with the ONE. Tor return to the source what belongs to the source all has cease to exist as forms or emptiness, matter or antimatter. As the collision of matter and antimatter results in a tremendous expulsion or force or energy, so does the final attainment to Fana' releases the Divine light within, the Light that returns to its original nature of being One with the Divine.
"When all ego and its wishes,when all personal will is left behind through the blessing of HAQQ, the Truth, and when they submit their wills to the will of Allah and are pleased with all that comes from Allah, their color turns to white light... but the ones who the limits of this path has neither form nor shape nor color. He becomes as fi a ray of sunshine.The sunshine is colorless... the dervish who has reached the highest level has no being to reflect light or color. If anything, his color would be black, which absorbs all light. This is the sign of the state of annihilation." ...Describing the final stages of attainment in Sufism. 
What happened to the historical Buddha or Gautama after he attained 'Pari Nirvana' or the final stage of enlightenment? Did he simply vanish from existence into emptiness or void? When asked of God and the afterlife, the Buddha was said to have merely smiled the 'half smile', of which it was interpreted as giving no answer in the most polite way of understanding the Truth. The Buddha's teachings were for this worldly life based on His first declare that 'Life is Suffering' of the the Four Noble Truth. He did not declare the Gods or God created life as suffering, but simply being born as a human is the cause for suffering. For so long as there is an"I' in our consciousness, we will suffer. In another saying He was said to have uttered. " Suffering Is, None who suffers!, and Nirvana Is, and none who attains it." The Way of the Buddha as i understand it to be does not negats God nor does he affirm the existence of one. "God has no problem, it is human who has the problem of being born in this world." The Buddha was born in a society where there existed thousands of Gods and Goddesses as practiced in Hinduism and He set out to find the Truth about human existence and overcome the bonds of suffering that we are dealt with in this life.
Islam as the final of the the major religions of humanity, through the revelations of the Quran and the teachings of the last Prophet to walk the earth, caps up all our faith and belief systems Uniting together all the faith and teachings throughout human history into One. 
"The beloved Messenger of Allah is the light of the Truth, for Allah says, We sent thee not but as a mercy to the whole creation..."
(Sura Anbia,107)

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