Thursday, December 08, 2016

Road to Enlightenment.

When all is said and done, there is very little left to say and do except keep trudging along this life's open highway and merge with all eternity in the process. Questions and answers will keep popping up and the mind will keep being agitated by the minutest of stimuli external or internal in origin, conscious or unconsciously we keep trying to brace ourselves for the next big wave that would lift us up or smash us against the bottom of the ocean. Like a yo yo we bounce up and down weave in and out from all the trappings that is laid before us, but we try our very best to maintain our sanity till we arrive at the end of the road. What we have accumulated and what we have learned will all meant for nothing if we have not yet discovered who we truly are and how or why we are here in the first place.
Whatever cards we are dealt with and which way the dice rolls, we try to remember that we are the masters of our own destiny and none is there to blame if we think otherwise. There is none above or below who we are as all answers to the One and only One, he who Created the scenario of our existence, Who wrote ticket to the show and Who at the end of the will demand to know what we have done with ourselves all along the allotted time we were given, what have we to show? Blessed are those who are atheist as they will not have to deal with all these or so is their believe. For those of us who believe in the hereafter, in heaven and hell and in the final judgement, well we better be a little more prepared to justify ourselves as it is written in the Good Book that we have to. Hence it is not so wrong to say that having faith, belief and religion is a great cause for anxiety and fear. So man spends a good amount of his time living in fear of the unknown future; the afterlife. No man has ever returned to confirm what lies beyond death except what is written in the Holy Books and the experiences of the Prophet of old. 
We are born out of this world as the philosopher, thinker, Alan Watts once said and as such we are a product of our environment and circumstances. As we mature and become more involved in our interactions with life around us we become what we are each in his or her way of perceiving and adapting to life. Our mind becomes the programmer adding and editing what is what is not relevant to us in order to live as best we could. However most of us have become a slave to our mind through ignorance, we stop questioning the validity of the thinking mind and as a result we become self centered and self serving as the mind is ever demanding to become more than what it is. We develop an ego, a part of our mind that craves for more and better, this manifest as greed and with greed we become more aggressive in our behavior protecting and defending what we already have which turns into hate. having developed these two negative traits in ourselves we become delusional, we think we are entitled to become Gods which ends in ignorance. Suffering these three illnesses called greed, Hate and Ignorance we have lost our humanity, we forget who we are. What is needed is a wake up call, we need to become enlightened. We are on the road to enlightenment whether we are aware of it or not and for those who are fortunate enough to have woken up from the sleep of ignorance, their destiny is in their hands.

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