Thursday, December 08, 2016

Incarnation has an expiry date.

I am merely knocking on heaven's door and am far from His seat that many a brave heart and men of will have quested and attained to serve at His feet. I am merely beginning to see the light of His Grace and Compassion catching glimpses of the Truth that has laid hidden from my deluded existence for many years of my life. I sought to understand my errors and mend as much as I can my transgressions in the past, but i have yet to be able to claim myself to be  true Muslim. I am not a missionary of the religion in this my writing, i am not trying to convince anyone of the truth or false of any belief and practice any faith or religious denomination. I am merely seeking for answers for myself, this ignorant mind that has for so long been running loose without care or consideration for others in my life. Saying i am sorry for all the wrongs i have committed is not enough, i need to repent to the fullest extent of my conscience and become liberated from my past by acceptance of my divine nature. I am as such, am looking for that which is my original self before my parents had conceived me to be and before i was allowed to transmigrate into this present existence.
It is my believe if not understanding and realization that all karma has a time expiry date in this last Kalpa of our human existence. With the teachings of the last Prophet being laid out and his religion being set in stone, Islam is the capping stone of all of humanity's spiritual evolution. It is not by chance that Islam came as the last of the major religions and the prophet of Allah claiming that he will be the last of His kind. Human spiritual evolution has taken as long as man was being transformed from an ape into an enlightened being on this Planet; it has been a long and tedious walk towards self realization for most of humanity. For those who were fortunate enough to have awoken from their sleep of ignorance through right belief and understanding, it is not far fetched to see that humanity is winding down towards the 'End of Days'. The universe itself is slowing down its expansion according to scientists and soon will stop and begin its retraction towards its center where it all began and cause the final implosion where only the light of creation itself remains before being absorbed back into the One, the Owner and Creator, Lord of the Universe. Game over, the final curtain falls.
But these are all just my head spinning out theories that i have come to put together in the effort to make sense out of non-sense. It is out of my own personal self- spiritual evolution that i make these conclusions based upon the knowledge I have gathered throughout my life, as a Buddhist and a Muslim (later), my understanding of Hinduism and Taoism, from reading the enlightened minds of philosophers and poets and from scientists and theorists that i have come across.; I feel that our existence on this planet will albeit as Caliphs or caretakers is slowly but surely coming to an end. 
The belief in Incarnation of the soul has become null as evolution itself is winding down towards a no end in sight. It is becoming evident by what is happening to us and the effect we have on the planet, that we have wasted our time and energy through our ignorance of what or who we are in relation to the Whole. We are suffering from spiritual decay and taking our self created mental formations as reality to the point of assuming we are capable of becoming Gods ourselves. We have become trapped in our egoistic tendencies as to not be able to see anymore that we are One and that we return to the One at the end of the day. We as humans have allowed ourselves to be ruled by, Greed, hate and Ignorance in our daily lives despite all the warnings from our ancestors. In short we, the guardians of this beautiful planet of ours have become parasitic and are consuming the very abode we live in like termites. The horrendous torments we inflict upon our very own species is testimony towards how very cancerous we have all become. The hope that we will be reincarnated into the next life as this or that has become redundant and irrelevant.

"He is the raiser of levels, the Lord of the Throne of Power. By His order does he send the (inspired) soul to any of His servants He pleases, that hes may warn (men) of the day of meeting (their Lord)" (Sura Mu'minun, 15).




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