Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Perhaps not a single bullet is manufactured in Syria.

At the potential cost of more innocent lives and bloodshed in the sands of the Middle east, the chess pieces are being set up for a larger conflict involving major key players ironically all with the intention of ending the Syrian conflict. Turkey, backed by the United States, has entered the foray along with the Saudis and the Emirates countries on one side and Syria is backed by Russia, China and Iran on the other. The cause is not so much as nationalism, religious or territorial but still the control of oil flowing out of these countries. Humanity is at the mercy of war mongers who has given up on the idea of sitting at the negotiating tables and find a solution to the issues, people whose agenda is not to save mankind from yet another World war but to instigate another one and possibly the last this planet can afford itself. What of the United Nations? What of God?
This is the ultimate manifestation of Greed, Hate and Ignorance in the history of mankind where our collective karma has come to fruition and the hammer is about to fall upon us if things gets any worse. The prayers of hundreds of thousands of souls who have lost their husbands wives and children to this senseless conflict might have even reached the heavens calling for the damnation of all those responsible for their miseries and the doomsayers are hailing the fulfillment of prophesies according to their Biblical calculations. Like cancerous lacerations the planet is witnessing death and dist ructions scattered all over the face of the globe where wanton killings and genocidal campaigns are the brew for the day. Man  has not learned from history but bound and determined to repeat what mistakes hes had made that caused for the first and second world war, only now it would be hard pressed to see who would be the winner; there will be none.
It is ironic that with the advent of the Internet and such advance technologies we have equipped ourselves with to promote faster and more elaborate form of communication among us, we have come to this impasse. The very miracle that we have been endowed with through our own ingenuity to help us understand each other better has now become the major source of our own self destruction. We have ourselves another 'Tower of Babel' syndrome, only the structure we have created to understand our true nature and how we fit into the scheme of Life itself on this Planet is not simply going to collapse on one spot like the 'Twin Towers' in New York, but it will end our lives as we know it and to survive the next World War would be the miracle or miracles.
Takhbir! Allah-hu-Akhbar! God is Great hails from frightened voices of men from both sides of the lines as sporadic battles rages across the Syrian landscapes. in no time is man closer to God than in the times of war. As a tank negotiates through the rubble of the narrow streets of shattered building the sound of gunfire and dust floating in the air makes it looks like one is watching a Hollywood war movie on You Tube, only this is for real. How much ammunition is spent every single day and who manufactured these weapons that is claiming the lives of the young and old alike? What are they fighting for and who are they shooting at or who is shooting back at them? Who really cares anymore after watching videos after videos of death and destruction one becomes comfortably numb to the atrocities and the wanton shootouts; thanks to Hollywood for setting the stage for this reality show. A Syrian network even played the theme song from the Western Movie, 'The Good. the bad and the Ugly' while video taping a scene of their fellow countrymen being killed in a blast. What have we become in this age of Information Technology, instead of propagating Love and friendship and a spirit of better understanding through sharing of information, we provide the world a horror show of the killing fields where men kill one another like it is a sport: and it is said that only man kills for sport.

" The regime of Bashar Al Assad are the ones responsible for what the UN called a complete melt down of Humanity. Are you truly incapable of shame? Is there literally nothing that can shame you?"
Samantha Power - US Ambassador to the United nations.
Vox News.

A case of a pot calling a kettle black; the shame is on Humanity itself when a child is brutally shot in the street in front of her home who is to blame?

"We've got the Saudis and Iran, everybody moving in and puppeteering and playing proxy wars and it is a tragedy to watch em."
Boris Johnson - British Foreign Secretary.
BBC News.


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