Monday, November 07, 2016

Time to take a break.

The subject of human consciousness is now an ever growing subject across the globe and in all walks of life at the very least among those who can excess the Internet and capable of putting together their own thought process. I find it for myself over the years that most of what i thought were just my own fumbling around about this issues that I had over simplified; just abstractions. Today as i view and listen to various thoughts and ideas made available by the Internet via You Tube and so forth, i find the i was not that far off the target and these thoughts and ideas albeit spiritual or scientific echos my very own thoughts and feelings all along, so much so that i feel like i am echoing them. I am glad that this Blog has such a long span of life, more than 10 years of my life since i first began to lay my thoughts down in writing as it proves to me that i was already on the path towards digging for truth before You Tube has been inundated by these very same issues.
I am glad that i had stumbled upon the thoughts and ideas of the likes of Alan Watts and J.Krishnamurti way back since the late 1970s and that i had kept up to date with my own personal life as i get older now reflecting more and more upon what is the nature of Truth. Today with the touch of my finger tip i can excess all that i wish to understand of Einstein's theories of Bohm's, listen to Sad Guru Jagi Dev or Mooji, it is all out there put in myriads of ways. I am very fortunate to have come such a long way in living my life as Mahatma Gandhi had suggested; a life is lived like an experiment. I have put myself through the test tubes and Bunsen burners and i have tasted all that life had to offer from the most expensive restaurants to being a homeless, a good Samaritan to being a charlatan, a charitable person to being a thief; in short i have committed the worse and the best all along and these are my grist for the mill. my motive has always been to discover who I am and what is it all about, this existence and how i fit in with the scheme of things with the whole Universe. 
What I had started off a a form of sharing with my loved ones, my children and theirs has now become an almost worldwide reading for those who have the time and interest. I am still on the road to find out and far from reaching my final destination, perhaps i never will, suffice to say that I have learned a great deal by exposing myself and how i can easily be looked upon as a copy cat or having plagiarized thoughts and ideas from others via the Internet and so forth. Yes i have and no i have not, nothing i can think of is of my own, nor is there anything that i have written comes from what is out there or written by someone else, even as i am typing out these words like i am right now, there is now references in front of me and I can keep on writing for as long as i want to till they closes the office of the Internet shuts down. Yes i wish I had been writing some fantasy novel instead and make myself a fortune. But it was not my intention, i started this process in order that i may learn to heal my splintered soul; know who i truly am. The thought and ideas plagiarized or otherwise are all there buried in my mind just like files to be excess to at my will. I find the only problem I have in writing is to write or not to, is it worth my time anymore sitting here and letting my mind run itself through my fingertips.
Perhaps it is time to wind down and put it all to rest as i have said more than care to of my search for answers; there is no more to share except the final cut when it comes. Hence i will retreat from making any more entries until there is something worth to write about comes along. Time to move no and explore new horizons or different dimensions of my existence. It has been a great experience in sharing with all those who have been reading my blog thus far and I feel honored that you have cared to take the trouble to and i hope it has been helpful in some small ways for you and your search. My love goes out to all of you till then.


Eric said...

Hi Shamsul, good pal. This is Memo, from the good ole days in San Francisco. I'd like to keep in touch with you, and since I don't have your email, I am hereby asking you to email me so I can communicate with you by that medium. Unless you've forgotten me, or simply do not wish to contact me. My email is

Hopefully I'll hear from you. Best to you.

Shamsul said...

Ola! It has been a while my friend and how can i ever forget you and the days we spent together with our kids! How have you been and where are you now? I hope all is well and the kids must be all grown up by now! Ah what beautiful children!/ My email address is and my Face Book is Shamsul Bahari, I also have a picture link at Shamsul Bahari-Google+. Try any of these and see if we can get to work it out. Good to hear from you my friend.

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